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21 Things No One Tells You About Your First Year at Ryerson

21 Things No One Tells You About Your First Year at Ryerson

21 Things No One Tells You About Your First Year at Ryerson

Welcome to the RAMily, Ryerson freshman class! Are you ready to bleed blue and gold? You have the next four years to leave your mark as a Ryerson Ram… but there is still so much you might not know, how do you begin? Don’t worry. We know that coming to the big city can be overwhelming, so we have 21 tips to help you grab your first year by the horns! Keep reading for 21 things no one tells you about your first year at Ryerson!

first year at Ryerson

1. Live in residence, especially for your first year at Ryerson.

If you are 1 of 850 people living in residence, consider yourself lucky. From 24/7 security, academic support and a community like no other, residence is the way to go. For those of you living in single-private rooms, keeping your door open during orientation week is a great way to meet new friends.

2. …But don’t do your own laundry…

What? You heard us right! Ryerson residences have partnered with LanderLust to continue the wash and dry routine your mother had going on at home. Pay through their mobile app and receive professionally cleaned laundry the very next day.


3. Opt in on the action.

Find your niche and with it find like-minded people. Ryerson is home to over 60 cultural, spiritual and internet-based groups. Whether you’re looking for casual movie pals at Ryeflix or advocates to start a campaign with at SMASH,, be sure to sign up for your favourite club at:



4. …But opt out of hidden transactions.

Did you know that as a Ryerson undergrad, your health and dental plan is included in your tuition fees? If you’re already covered under your parent’s insurance, you may be eligible for up to a $295 refund. Learn more about your coverage and other discounts at the Ryerson Student Union Webpage.


5. Hit the library!

Study on the beach, in the forest or the garden with Ryerson’s new and innovative Student Life Centre (SLC). With each of its 8 floors having a unique theme, the SLC is a great place to meet up for your next group assignment or go over your notes in between classes

6. …But don’t hit the books.

At least not until after your first week. Often times, you may not need all the textbooks listed on your syllabus. Save yourself some cash and hold out on buying the textbooks until the profs tell you which ones you will actually use.

7. Work Out.

A gym membership is included in your tuition fees, so you might as well use it! For good health and stress management, set a goal to visit the Ryerson Athletic Centre or the Mattamy Athletic Centre gym at least three times per week.


8. …But don’t burn out…

Exercise, school, work and relationships can be challenging to juggle. If you notice a few weeks in that the workload is too much, consider taking 4 courses instead of 5. You always have the option of taking summer courses or even a 5th year.

9. Explore the city.

From the Entertainment District, Fashion District, Distillery District, and more, there is lots to discover beyond the walls of the classroom. Planning a weekend outing with your new freshmen friends is a great way to get to know the city as well as each other.

10. …But get home safely…

As much as Toronto is a thrill, it can be incredibly dangerous at times. Take advantage of Ryerson’s Walk Safe Program. Call 979-5040 at anytime and a security officer will escort you to wherever needed on the Ryerson campus.


11.  Eat Healthily.

Ryerson Eats has three words they value most; wholesome, affordable and delicious. Ryerson offers a variety of locally grown and organic food, making it easy to manage your nutrition.For those health conscious and price conscious, Ryerson Eats offers a daily $5 meal called The Daily Friendly Fiver in both residence (Pitman & ILLC) dining halls, as well as in The Hub.

12. …But don’t forget to try big slice…

We all need to splurge here and there. We’re not condoning that you go every day, but at some point during your freshmen year, head over to Younge Street and check out the hottest pizza place in Canada; Big Slice.



13. Build your strengths.

Start your semester strong with a study skill advisory meeting. Book an appointment with a trained Peer Academic Coach to receive time-management skills, effective note taking strategies and a personalized study plan for the year. To book an appointment visit this site!

14. Share your weaknesses.

The thing I love most about Ryerson is that the staff genuinely want the best for their students. If you need extra time on tests or struggle with mental health, simply fill out a form in the Student Learning Support section of the university’s website. Ryerson will get in touch with you to provide the resources you need to succeed. They provide copious amounts of support for people with learning disabilities, sensory impairments, acquired brain injuries, ADHD, and mental health, medical, and mobility issues.

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15. Do your homework.

Yes, it is important to do your homework while at Ryerson, but there are a few things you must do in the summer to make sure you can attend in the fall. Check out this link and make sure you are on track with tuition deposits, meal plans, one card applications and more:

16. …But don’t stress…

If you are unsure about a certain requirement, or can’t figure out how to fill out a form, visit here. It’s a huge database available 24/7 to answer your questions. When your question is not found, you can choose to send your question to the Client Service Team.


17. GO get Transit ID!

The fact that you are a student at Ryerson means you are eligible for tons of discounts and savings. If you are commuting, consider getting a student TTC pass. If your home town is outside of Toronto, a GO Transit ID or Presto Card will save you a few dollars every time you go home to visit the fam. Check it out here!

18. …But don’t pretend like you have it when you don’t…

Too many times students try to skip the 3.25 TTC day fare, but i’m warning you that you may get away with it once or twice but in the end it will cost you. If you get off the bus and the guard catches you, you will have to pay a MINIMUM $235.00 fine.



19. Get a job.

Getting a good job can be tough. According to Ryerson, “experts have estimated that approximately 80% of all positions in the labour market are never publicly advertised or posted” Ryerson has founded a not-for-profit social innovation called “Magnet” to connect job employers with their qualified students. Build your network, access the benefits and sign up by visiting here.

20. …But don’t spend your savings…

That is, where you don’t need to. Ryerson library services offers you the ability to sign out laptops for free for a four hour period. Check out Kerr Hall, the RCC Centre and the library to see which media services are at no cost to students in your program.

21. Share This Article

Chances are, there are a lot of freshmen out there with the same questions as you. Share your new knowledge and enjoy your first year as Ram!

What are some other things new students may not know but should know about their first year at Ryerson? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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