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21 Signs You Go To Carleton University

21 Signs You Go To Carleton University

Being a Raven means so much to all of us who have chosen to attend Carleton University, and we love it!

1. You hate everyone who goes to Ottawa U, and you have no idea why.

2. You avoid walking through Uni Center at all times.

And you know all of the short cuts.

3. You are much too familiar with the words “baked basa” if you live(d) on Res.

4. You wish Kettleman’s was just a bit closer to campus.

5. Actually, why not just put one on campus?

6. You get to campus at least 30 minutes early just to wait in one of four never ending Tims’ lines.

7. You practically live in your Carleton hoodie.

They are so comfy!


8. You are way too familiar with Hull, QC.

And you will never want to go back once you turn 19.

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9. The considerable amount of stairs and hills = no need for the gym.

10. “What’s a GeeGee?” is a valid question.

11. You swear Carleton residence is like Harry Potter – house cup and all.

12. The tunnels are avoided at all cost during CUSA campaigning season.

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13. You are fully familiar with the moment of panic when you find out you have 10 minutes to get from St. Pat’s to Southam… or Loeb.

14. Speaking of Loeb, you dread going to lectures here.

The chairs are just so uncomfortable and awkward.


15. The O-train never comes at its scheduled times.

16. And you are almost always late to class if you use OC Transpo.

17. You still can’t find your way around Mackenzie, no matter how many classes you have in it.

18. Bank street is the best street.

19. Thirsty Thursdays at Ollie’s – enough said.

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20. You are constantly questioned about why you chose Carleton if you’re not in journalism.

21. You will always be a Raven!
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