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20 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm At University Of Toronto

20 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm At University Of Toronto

Consider your dorm room your new home away from home. Here is some inspiration from dorms at University of Toronto to make your dorm cute and cozy!

Moving to a new city is already challenging enough; you do not have time to even think about what your new home away from home is going to look like. From embracing your sorority to creating a calming place, we’ve got you covered (including pictures for real U of T dorms). Here are 20 ways to help you decorate your dorms at University of Toronto!

1. Show who you are with how you decorate your dorm.

2. Personalize your dorm to add a little bit of home

3. If you’re lucky, you might get a view of Toronto’s own CN tower.

4. And if you don’t have a view of the Toronto skyline, bring it in with some art!

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5. Make your dorm a calm place to relax.

6. Within all the chaos, don’t forget to organize.

7. Decorate your dorm at University of Toronto with some school merch.


8. Hang tapestries on your walls and ceiling to add colour!

9. #DormHack: add a little bit of warmth to the cool concrete walls with fairy lights!

10. Create a positive space for yourself.

11. Even the smallest basement dorm rooms have potential.

12. Let your passions shine through and create a space that’s filled with what you love.

13. Maximize your space.

The ability to fit so many things into such a small space (and have it look cute) requires talent.

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14. Show some simplicity at New College.

15. Show some school spirit and hang a U of T banner in your dorm at University of Toronto!

16. Never underestimate the power of throw pillows and blankets.

17. Get in touch with your roommate beforehand (if you can), so that you can colour coordinate.

18. If allowed, elevate your bed for added comfort and space.

19. Show some sorority spirit and show off your letters.

20. Embrace the crammed experience and make this new room your home.

Do you know of any other dorms at University of Toronto that are great for some inspiration!? Share in the comments below!

Feature Image: Pinterest

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