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20 Things To Do The Summer Before University

20 Things To Do The Summer Before University

So you’ve just finished high school, or maybe you took a gap year or two, but now you’re ready to take on post-secondary! Whatever you’ve done, there’s a few things you can do just before university begins; from having fun to planning for the near future. Here’s 20 things to do the summer before university in order to make the most of the time you’ve got left!

1. Take a road trip somewhere you’ve been dying to go!

This is the perfect time to finally take action! You’ve dreamt of going, but haven’t actually gone. You’ll never have more time than you do right now, so make sure you have the necessities and just go!



2. Take a road trip, but with absolutely no aim.

Who needs a destination? Ignite your wanderlust and take off! Be sure that you have enough gas money, though, because who knows where you’ll end up? (That’s the fun part.)


3. Explore your hometown and do things there that you’ve never done before.

Just because you live there doesn’t mean that you’ve seen everything. Act like a tourist and do the small things in your town. It could be some kind of tour or maybe just visiting a museum or gallery – there’s always something to do!



4. If you’re leaving town for university, go explore the city you’ll be moving to!

You’ll be living there most of the time for a few years at least, and moving to a new city is stressful enough before university and all that entails. Take some of that stress away by getting to know your new city! You don’t need a guide; just find out where some of the best eateries are  or shop at the local mall. The smallest things may make it feel more like your future home.

5. Do tours of your new campus!

Just like #4, exploring campus will be a stress-reliever. Seeing the buildings and pathways before you have to live there will take away the lost feeling the first day you’re there alone. That doesn’t mean you should learn every tidbit now! Finding the best study places or hang-out zones with your new friends is all part of the adventure of university. You’ll be able to find your classes during orientation week, so no worries.



6. Go hiking a bunch of different places.

Every hiking trail is different and special in its own way. Go explore the outdoors of your surrounding area and determine the quirks. You’ll (hopefully) feel enlightened and you’ll release some tension, too.



7. Spend lots of time outdoors in general.

Whether it be the beach, the pool, or just in the backyard, don’t hole yourself up completely. You’ll be stuck inside a lot during university, so make the most of it now! But be safe about it and don’t roast your skin. That’s not very fun or relaxing.


8. Spend some time inside, too.

You don’t need to spend all of your time outside. Sometimes it’s nice to chill inside instead, especially on hot or rainy days. Netflix and web browsing is completely okay.


9. Hang out with your SO. A lot.

If you have one, that is. Even if it’s just your best friend or crush, you may well be separated quite a bit once September hits, so why not enjoy each other’s company to the max now? Enjoying yourself is key, and sometimes you need your favourite person nearby to really relax.



10. But also hang out with friends!

Don’t ditch your other friends for anyone. They’re still your friends and they’ll be there for you when you need it. Enjoy having them around while you can.


11. Find out if other people in town are going to the same uni, and make friends with them.

There’s a lot of people going into university alone, not knowing anyone. You could always check up on Facebook to find a group of people starting university with you! If you know one person, the whole experience will be less nerve-wracking.


12. Plan your new dorm room!

This has to be one of the most fun parts of entering university, at least if you’re staying in the residences. Finding ways to make it your own is exciting, because you now have a chance to do almost anything! DIYs? Make them! Online shopping? Browse to your heart’s content.

13. Redo your room at home!

Some of that dorm-planning energy can be invested in redoing your present room. University is a new chapter, so make it new! Who says the layout or décor has to stay the same at home?



14. Make a bucket list.

Whether it’s just for freshman year or all of university, bucket lists are cool ways to make the most of this experience. Even if it’s just a summer bucket list, it’s an adventure to complete!

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15. Also make a financial plan for the first year before you get there.

Most people will experience the broke student stereotype, but you should at least try to be the least broke you can be. Even if it’s just a loose budget, it might help when you need money.

16. Make something to remind yourself of high school once you’re older.

A scrapbook or time capsule is perfect for this. You can make it into fun bonding time and do it with friends! Someday you’ll look back and have pictures to remind yourself of what happened, good and bad.



17. Take some time to yourself.

You don’t always need people around. Sometimes, spending a day or even a few hours alone will make you a bit more energetic. You’ll have time to be surrounded by people!



18. Volunteer your time.

Why not use that energy to help others? You don’t need forty hours of service anymore, but helping will make you feel good. Even if you just chat with lonely people, you’ve made a difference.



19. Explore your abilities.

Whether it be artistic, athletic, or anything else; it doesn’t hurt to try new things and discover what you’re good at. You’ve got the time right now, so use it to find a new hobby that you can pursue later on!

20. Enjoy the summer before university as much as you can!

This may very well be your last summer of freedom. Do whatever makes you happy now, and indulge in it.


Great list of things to do before university starts!

What else should you do the summer before university? Share in the comments!

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