20 Things Not Allowed In Wilfrid Laurier University Residence

Moving into your dorm is a big day. This is the day where you get your new found independence and freedom. Moving in can be a little stressful and scary, especially if it’s your first time away from home. To make sure you are prepared, keep reading for 20 things NOT allowed in Wilfrid Laurier University Residence.

1. Large speakers or stereos.

For a lot of people your dorm room is a place where you can study and relax. Having large speakers can disturb people. Instead bring small portable speakers, these will save you space and you can use them practically anywhere you go.



2. Subwoofers.

To go along with the large speakers, subwoofers are not allowed.

3. Amplifiers.

Dorm rooms at WLU and any other university are very small and compact, so honestly I have no idea where you would put an amplifier, but they are not permitted in the dorms. Portable speakers are very small yet pretty loud (hence no need for amplifiers) I recommend beats pill.

4. Personal fridge units (you need to rent from Wilfrid Laurier Residence).

If you live in a dorm you cannot bring your own mini fridge, instead they must be rented out by the university. If live in an apartment style residence (e.g. Bricker) a fridge is already provided for you.



5. Pets.

I know it will be hard saying goodbye to whatever furry creature you own. There is good news though, if you own a fish you can bring a small fish tank.


6. Candles.

Not allowing candles in the dorms is pretty self-explanatory, if you don’t get it: they’re a fire hazard. If you need a way to make your dorm smell good you can 1. clean it 2. Febreeze it 3. use a wall plug in.

7. Draperies.

Draperies include curtains on windows in your living room (if you live in an apartment style res) and/or bedroom windows, they are both not allowed.

8. Halogen lighting of any kind.

I honestly have no words for this, other than just don’t do it. But, if you want to try to create your own glow lights, check out this cool video tutorial!



9. Heaters and heat lamps.

The buildings do provide heat during the winter so you do not need to worry about that. Again heaters and heat lamps are not just a fire hazard but some heaters can be a carbon monoxide hazard. It will get cold in the winter; just make sure to bring extra blankets and sweaters for the colder months.

10. Large furniture from home.

You cannot bring your own furniture (desk, couches, bean bag chairs etc.…) but you are allowed to bring your own desk/office chair. If you want a great loop hole for this buy an ottoman, you can use it as a stool and it provides extra storage space.


11. Mattresses (use the one provided from Wilfrid Laurier Residence).

Every dorm room is equipped with its own mattress. Problem: they are not the most comfortable thing, but they can be. Make sure to go out and buy a mattress topper or pad. Not only do these things protect you from bed bugs they also make your bed much more comfortable.


12. Beer/Cooler bottles.

Obviously… you should not be drinking, especially if you are under age. Glass bottles can be dangerous because when they break someone may step on it, we just don’t want anyone getting hurt. So please be responsible and safe.


13. Drinking paraphernalia.

If you do not know what that big fancy word is, it’s kind of like equipment, so no beer pong tables, funnels or anything like that. Once again, please be responsible.

14. Nose-cancelling headphones.

As these might be a great study tool, they are also unsafe; for example what if you cannot hear the fire alarm when it goes off. Instead just wear normal headphones, and if you need a quiet place to study try out the library.


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15. Electrical outlet wall tap.

Since wall taps are not allowed by a surge protector because trust me you will need more outlets than provided in the dorms.

16. Illegal drugs.

Any use of illegal drugs is prohibited and you will have to deal with the consequences. Make sure you are being safe and that you do not use/bring anything that can harm you and/or others.


17. Weapons.

What else can I really say other than do not bring them…?



18. Do not cover your entire wall with art.

The WLU residences do allow having things on your wall, with the exception that it only covers 20 percent of it.

19. Thumb tacks.

You are not allowed to bore the walls with thumb tacks; they are considered damage to the walls. Instead each res does provide wall mounts that you can use.

20. Your family.

Your family cannot come with you to your dorm. So make sure to spend a lot of time with them during the summer. Also do not forget to hang out with your home town besties.



What are some other things now allowed in the Wilfrid Laurier University Residence and what items should students bring instead? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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