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20 Things Every York University Student Should Know

20 Things Every York University Student Should Know


York University is home to over 50,000 students and is one of the largest universities in Canada. That being said, sometimes it is easy to be unaware of some important things happening on campus, or certain resources and tips every student should be aware of. If you feel as if you might not know everything there is to know about YorkU, keep reading and brush up on 20 things every York student should know!

1. There are approximately 55,000 students enrolled here at York.

York is the third-largest university in Canada, so it is huge! Apart from students, there are 7,000 faculty and staff personnel. It can be difficult to get around at first but practice makes perfect.


2. Every student should have a York I.D. called a YorkU (YU) card.

A YorkU card identifies you as a student at York. The best function of a YU card is you can put cash into it called Flex dollars and use it around campus! Also, when you buy library books with your Yorku Card, you will earn 5% back in Flex dollars! Visit the YU card Office in William Small Center, to receive your card today!


3. Scott library is easily the most beautiful, but busiest library at York.

The largest library at York is known as Scott Library, with 5 floors and creative designs. It offers print/copy/scan services that required your YU card. As well as, you can book a room within the library for up to 3 hours, to study with your friends.


4. Use the Steacie Science and Engineering library for a quieter and smaller library if you don’t want to go to Scott.

Steacie Science and Engineering library is a smaller library in comparison to Scott, but just as useful! You can still reserve/sign out books. The library also offers “SPARK”- that stands for Student Paper and Academic Research Kit.

5. Studying Law? Visit the Osgood Hall Law School Library, the largest Law Library in all of Canada.

Osgood Hall Law School Library is at York University and is the largest Law Library in Canada. There are also options to book a study room and seek help from librarians or staff members.

6. Need help with your research?

Research help is available in any library, but Scott Library offers quick drop-in help when it is open. Depending on the topic of research, the help needed would depend on where you need to go!


7. Do you need career advice?

The Career center is located on the 2nd floor in McLaughlin College. It can help you look for a job or show opportunities that are within your field. The Career Center Online System, can also help students or recent graduates to find jobs.

8. There are free services available on campus to help look over your writing and papers.

This is located at the South Ross Building. It includes workshops that focus on general writing rules such as grammar as well as editing help, either 1 on 1 or online editing services. It does take a few days to be edited with a general comment.

9. York is home to Canada’s only Space Engineering Program.

Only York University offers a specific Space Engineering Program. The rest of the Universities have a general Aerospace Program.


10. Need a spot to relax on campus? Try the Student Center.

The student center has food ranging from pizza to sushi to burgers and sandwiches. Many students go there to study, as it is a large space with many tables. There you would also find the insurance office.

11. The Underground Pub is actually one of the best places to enjoy a beer.

Also located at the Student Center. There is alcohol served there, so proper I.D. is required to enter the Underground Pub. It is actually known for one of the best party places at York!


12. York has a mall.

York Lanes is connected with the Student Center by a small path. It is a small mall that offers food, convenience, a pharmacy, and salons. Also, it has dental and flight offices.

13. Study and grab some food at Shopsy’s.

It is a popular restaurant that is located in York Lanes. They have a special Thursday Night Pub event that has extended hours. During the day, people can grab a bite to eat and study or write a paper.


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14. Do you want to get lean and build muscle for only $15 a year?

There is a huge gym inside Tait McKenzie Center, that offers many machines and weights for students. There is a fee of $10-15 per year. Tait McKenzie Center is also the home for York Lions!

15. York University is divided into nine different colleges.

Since York has many students enrolled, it divides itself into nine different colleges, which are based on your major. The colleges are Bethune, Calumet, Founders, Glendon, McLaughlin, New, Stong, Vanier and Winter College. There are study places within the colleges as well, if the libraries get crowded!


16. Enjoy Starbucks + Teavana at the Center for Film & Theater.

You can still enjoy your favourite coffee, frappuccino, or tea within York! Starbucks and Teavana are combined together at York. They are located in the building called the Center for Film and Theater.

17. Try a delicious and nutritious Booster Juice!

The most famous healthy drinks can be found at York. Booster Juice is located in the Curtis Lecture Hall. Tip: They are closed on the weekends.



18. Check out Smoke’s Poutinerie in the Technology Enhanced Learning Building.

Also, a famous and delicious Poutinerie can be found at York in Technology Enhanced Learning Building.


19. There are buses and transportation services you should utilize!

Beside the Student Center and York Lanes there are many buses that pick-up/drop-off students. There is a special bus that goes from York University Keele campus to Glenden campus, which could be helpful for students who have classes in both campuses.


20. If you don’t want to walk home alone, you can call GoSAFE Services and two people will walk with you.

If it is dark outside and you need someone to help you get to your destination around York, you have the option for GoSAFE Services. There will be two people to guild you where you have to go. Many students who live in the Village and have late classes should call this services for help.

What are some other things every York student should know? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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