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20 Signs You Go to the University of Guelph

20 Signs You Go to the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph, located in Ontario, Canada, is a unique university. It’s a great place to be a student! With plenty of organizations, stellar academics, and a perfectly sized campus, you’re sure to feel at home here. Keep reading for 20 signs you’re a Guelph Gryphons!

1. You have at least one Aggie friend.

They probably didn’t even know they were an Aggie!

2. Your wardrobe consists of mostly yellow, red and black.




3. Your archenemy happens to be a purple Mustang.


4. You’ve been to a South Residence party.

…and you have at least one amazing story.


5. You dread seeing War Mem on your schedule.


6. You run into at least one squirrel daily.

7. You’ve painted the canon, or dreamed about it.


8. Your favourite weekend hangout is Trappers Alley.

It always will be!


9. You can spot a varsity athlete a mile away.

Because of the red backpacks, obviously.


10. You will never know if the Grad Lounge truly exists.

Until you become a grad of course!



11. You will forever dream about meeting your future S/O at The Bullring for coffee.

12. The AC is always going to be a scary place.

No matter how fit you really are…



13. You save at least $5 after a night out for Double Dragon.


14. You have spent hours procrastinating watching clown videos in the “Overheard at Guelph” Facebook Group.

In fact, you’re probably watching one right now…

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15. You have to resist the urge to pet the cute guide dog puppies.

And you can’t help but be sad about that.



17. Johnston Green is your group’s go to hangout spot.

It’s perfect for a hot sunny day.


18. Your least favorite words are “Trappers is closed.”

Your night has been ruined at least 3 times by hearing the words “Trappers is closed” and you’re forced to return to the death of Palace.




19. You constantly wonder if half of your money goes to the football team’s funding.

20. Before you became a Gryphon, you probably didn’t know how to pronounce it.

But now you bleed Gryphon Pride.


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