20 Signs You Go To McGill

1. Squirrels…everywhere.

2. You can only read “beach day, every day!” a certain way.

3. If you coloured in every country you’ve met someone from at McGill on a map, a good portion of it would be filled in.

4. Flood Girl is your personal hero.


5. All your apartment furniture is from Ikea.


6. And it was most likely bought through the Free and For Sale Facebook group.


7. Samosas hold a special place in your heart.

Praise the ‘mose.

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8. You’ve probably had at least one class in Leacock 132.


9. You have at least 100 unread emails in your McGill inbox.


10. Everyone’s always dressed nicely.

If you ever wear sweatpants, it stands out.

11. You probably own a blanket scarf or khakis.

12. You’re constantly greeted with “bonjour/hi.”


13. You know exactly where you stop getting the McGill Wi-Fi.


14. OAP time is the most exciting time of the year.


15. You’ve posted at least one Insta or Snapchat story from the top of Mount Royal.

16. You’ve accepted the cold, but will definitely still complain about it.

But at least you have your blanket scarf to keep you warm.

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17. You have a favourite McGill library.

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18. You always walk to events and cab back, so you don’t have to walk uphill.


19. You really want to be the person with the microphone during final exams.

And you definitely already know their lines.


20. You’re accepted for who you are.

Featured image source: cjnews.com
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