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20 Reasons Why UofG Is The Greatest School On Earth

Thinking of becoming a Guelph Gryphon?! Well look no further. Read on my friend, because we have 20 reasons as to why Guelph is the greatest school on earth, which you won’t be able to deny. Keep reading and learn why UofG is the best place in the world!

20. It is basically the real Harry Potter World.

Basically everything about Guelph screams Hogwarts! For example our mascot is a Gryphon, a mystical creature found in the HP books. Our buildings are super whimsical and our colours are red, gold and black (just like Gryffindor!) Plus our Quidditch team is unstoppable! Need I say more?

19. Smaller can be better.

With a population of less than 30,000 students, this actually makes Guelph a smaller scale university. But we are totally fine with this! We’re like a little loving family and it’s one of the best feelings you will ever experience in your life. We may be small but we have a big heart for our fellow Gryphs!

18. Phenomenal food.

UoG is home to the number one rated university food in all of Canada! Our very own Creelman Hall is the place you want to be on campus when looking for tasty eats. There is something for everyone and you will never get bored with what our amazing chefs prepare each day! Freshman 15? Don’t mind if I do!

17. There are dogs everywhere.

This definitely says it all, right? Our university is home to many adorable pups being trained by students to become future guide dogs. You will see SO many of these little darlings roaming campus and just witnessing their cuteness will brighten your day!

16. There are programs galore.

Despite what everyone thinks, no we are not just a farming school. We are proud to say that we are the number one ranked Agricultural school in Canada, but the UoG has over 80 majors to choose from. Some of our neat programs include Biomedical Engineering, Theatre Studies, Landscape Architecture, Criminal Justice and Public Policy and so much more! Exciting right?!

15. UoG is home to some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Gryphons are well known for our positivity and kindness towards basically everyone we come in contact with. Some say we’re too nice but we think they’re just jealous. Guelph students are famous for holding doors open for hundreds of people at one time and leaving little acts of kindness around campus. Who doesn’t want to be involved in such a warm and welcoming community?!

14. Our campus is so beautiful.

The University of Guelph campus is rich in modern and mature architecture which gives the campus a very diverse feel. For example, our most famous building Johnston Hall, is a residence building that sits in the hub of the university. Its ivy covered stone walls continue to capture everyone’s heart as they walk by.

13. The amazing professors.

This University has so many well-rounded professors that are willing to help you at any given time! Not only are they intelligent but they are super entertaining and kind-hearted humans. You will not be disappointed by the teaching staff here at Guelph!

12. The University Town Livin’.

Let’s face it. Going to a university located in a smaller town instead of a big city is way better. The vibe is just so fun and friendly. Guelph is the perfect mixture of hipster and country bumpkin and I love every inch of it.

11. Our amazing traditions such as Paint the Cannon!

This is by far the most celebrated tradition at UoG. Old Jeremiah is the name of the World War I cannon that resides in the centre of the campus. Students, clubs, and residences will take on painting the cannon with messages, upcoming events and even sometimes marriage proposals! It is such a wonderfully fun tradition that will continue for hundreds of years. Only catch is, once you paint the cannon you must camp out beside it all night and make sure no one else paints over it. It’s well worth it though! Here is a favorite!

10. We’re super eco-friendly!

Here at Guelph it is a main priority to always work towards obtaining a sustainable society. On campus there are many attributes keeping our campus green and eco-friendly such as composting, water bottle refill stations, solar panels, and our new environmentally friendly bicycle shelter! Tree huggers unite!

9. You can’t help but smile at the squirrels who rule campus.

The entire squirrel population at UoG is iconic beyond belief. We actually worship them. These little creatures will keep you on your toes all year round! Not only are they super sassy, they’re super adorable. Seeing what these cuties get themselves into on a daily basis will for sure put a smile on your face!

8. We believe in working hard to play hard.

University of Guelph is known to be one of the top party schools in Canada. We believe in working hard and playing even harder.

7. The safe and secure campus.

UoG takes tremendous pride in keeping a safe and happy place to live and explore for every student. With security at every residence building and campus police just a call away, there is never any reason to be freighted while staying on campus. There is also The Safe Walk Program offered. If you feel uncomfortable walking anywhere on campus by yourself, you can call Safe Walk and they’ll gladly walk with you.

6. We are home to specialized schools.

We are home to the Ontario Agricultural College and the Ontario Veterinary College! These are both ranked number one for their disciplines in Canada and both made the top ten for the whole world! Proud Gryphons over here!

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5. We host an award-winning pep rally.

University of Guelph is celebrated on organizing an amazing Orientation Week for Frosh students every year. Everyone’s favourite event is our world-renown Pep Rally! This is where all the residences get together and perform dances! It’s the ultimate dance battle! School spirit is an understatement when talking about UoG students. We bleed Black, Red and Gold.

4. You get to “wind your toy”

How many universities can say they have their own signature dance move?! During Frosh Week, every freshman learns this iconic dance move and will incorporate it in their residence dance at Pep Rally. It’s called Wind Your Toy and it’s basically your right of passage to becoming a full-fledged Gryphon! It’s pretty much like riding a horse while jumping up and down in circles! Kind of confusing I know, you would have to see it to believe it!

3. You can actually enjoy the outdoors.

As mentioned before, Guelph is a lover of trees and everything green. There are some awesome green spaces located at the university. There is Johnston Green which is a huge lawn situated in the centre of campus. Hundreds of students can be found sitting and playing on the green during the warmer months! Then there is also the Arboretum. Located on the outskirts of campus, the Arboretum is full of hundreds of tree species and places to relax and walk around.

2. You’ll make friends to keep for life.

The people you meet in university will forever have an impact on you. You live with these people. You have class with these people. Let’s face it. You adore these people. The friends I have made at the University of Guelph will always have a special place in my heart. Friends and Gryphons forever!

1. UoG is home to the Guelph Gryphons.

Once you are a part of the University of Guelph there is no going back. Everything you see, hear or smell will take you back to a time you spent at Guelph and you’ll be happy as can be. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Guelph is where I want to be and I just want everyone to experience the wonderfully astounding things this school has to offer.

The campus is beautiful and so are the people. The feeling I get when I’m there is total bliss and would not change it for anything. Once a Gryphon always a Gryphon!

What are some other reasons as to why UofG is the greatest school on earth? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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