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20 Reasons McGill Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons McGill Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons McGill Is The Greatest School On Earth

McGill University, located in Montreal, definitely deserves its spot as one of the top universities in the world. We are recognized for the success we pass on from generation to generation. Keep reading for 20 reasons McGill is the greatest school on Earth.


1. We are a top university.

Let’s begin with something everyone knows: McGill is one of the most popular and famous universities in the world. It has been ranked in the top 25 best Uni for many years now.



2. Our research has impacted the world.

McGill research has made incredible impacts in Montreal, across Canada, and around the world. We have even received a number of Nobel Prizes and innovation awards.



3. We are international.

With almost 150 different nationalities represented and 24% of international students, McGill is one of the most diverse universities. Meeting people from all around the world is the best way to understand other cultures and exchange knowledge, passion and emotions.

 4. We’re located in Montreal.

Ranked 2nd best city in the world to live in, Montreal is the perfect place to be as a student. We’re a famous melting pot of North American and European cultures, sprinkled by the dozens of other nationalities established and living together in harmony.


5. We are bilingual.

Au Québec, on communique en français! Yes, if you happen to hang out on campus, it is very likely that you hear more French than English sometimes… After getting used to it, maybe you will be considering learning a new language…


6. Our campus is the coolest.

Including both old architecture and modern designs, our campus is very special. Walking in the Arts building and picturing the first students filing into the very first day of McGill classes in 1843 is just as awesome as walking in the newest science labs and seeing the great technology our faculties can offer.


7. We are McGill #McGillPride

We are so proud to being McGillians! Montreal and Quebec would be so different without the influence of our great university. Fighting for human rights, inclusiveness and equality, producing three Prime Ministers since it was created and always creating, innovating or impressing by its particularities, McGill truly is the greatest university on Earth.

8. We are the best uni in town.

Yes, being the best University of Canada is great, but being the best University in Montreal may be better… In fact, showing off before Concordia students could be one of the best feeling in the world…



9. We love food.

Dear, beloved food… Between the samosa sales you will encounter everywhere around campus, the BMH cookies, the vegan and biological food coming from the Mac Campus, the greatest bakery Premiere Moisson (opening later in exam period to help you getting through life) and people constantly selling food to support charities… You will have the great honour to keep eating and helping the world at the same time.

10. We have a crazy nightlife.

One block separates McGill from the best nightlife places in Mtl! The popular Boulevard Saint-Laurent is full of bars, karaoke bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants. Also right by Peel or Crescent, you will always have something to do, from Monday to Sunday. Yes, keeping up with school work might be challenging…


11. We can drink.

McGill is actually one of the last universities that allows students to drink within the school. Indeed, having bars (go Gerts) or drinking events like OAP and Frosh must be the first reason we all go to McGill (along with the early legal age).

12. We have the best Frosh.

How could we talk about McGill and not talk about Frosh…? This introduction week, essential for all the new students is the best time you will ever have as a first year student. You will live unforgettable moments and will meet long life friends. We all remember Beach Day and most of the froshies are dreaming to become Frosh leaders this time.



13. We have OAP.

The popular Open Air Pub, gathering students that are wishing to relax before or after school really is the best place on Earth. Sitting on the grass, drinking beer and eating burgers while listening to music must be the solution to all our problems.

14. Our future is all set.

If we love having fun, we are also concerned with our futures and our work opportunities… Aren’t we? With CaPs and an awesome Alumni network spread out all over the world, supporting the university finances, networking will be a pleasure. Meeting people sharing your interests and trying to find out what the hell you are going to do with your life will seem less intense now!


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15. Students well-being is key.

Even though being in a top-university can be stressful and challenging, on an academic but also personal levels, McGill is here for us! Offering dozens of services, with Mental Health, Counseling, Career Planning, International Student services and many more, you will always have someone to talk to, but more importantly, someone who will listen to you.



16. We have SSMU.

Our famous Student Society of McGill University gathers an incredible variety of clubs. From charity to sports and politics, you will find your happiness and will be happier than ever to get involved! SSMU is also a great way to meet people and expand your knowledge in the real world, don’t miss this chance!

17. We have unique libraries.

There are so many libraries on campus that each of them reflects everyone’s working personality. Yes, chilling on MacLennan 1st floor is very different from quietly studying in the Islamic studies octagonal room… Your call!



18. We have tunnels!

You will thank our awesome tunnel connexions when winter strikes! Getting out of LEA132 and heading over Premiere Moisson to get a freshly baked croissant will cheer you up more than anything when it is -20ºC outside.



19. We are great at sports.

After inventing Basketball and playing first Hockey or Football games, McGillians are also well-known in Olympic competitions. With more than 30 varsity teams, incredible games and being national champions in several categories, McGill is also hosting a great Gym were you can experience dozens of different sports but also meet nice (hot) people.


20. And most importantly… We have squirrels.

Yes my friends. Squirrels will help you get through life because they are absolutely the cutest.

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