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15 York U Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

15 York U Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Cliché, but true! Photos define where we have been, what we liked the most and is in a sense, our reflection. Take a look at official accounts that are popular at York University, which varies from campus scenery to graduations! Keep reading for the 15 York U Instagram account you should definitely be following if you aren’t already!

1. York University’s Official Instagram @yorkuofficial

Shows you all of the opportunities that are possible at York or around the world. Including future popular events such as the Rio Games or concepts like PokemonGo or Snapchat!



2. Sights of YorkU @spotlightyork

Interesting pictures that show the uniqueness of York. Taken in different seasons in popular or hidden places around campus. Try to guess where it is!

3. Student Center @youryusc

Encourages students to come out and participate in parties or events. Sometimes, they even include price giveaways, in exchange for your time. For example, RED&WHITE day is to show York spirit!



4. York Alumni Page @yorkualumni

Graduates or former students page that help connect them to the outside world. This page announces different news, opportunities and privileges that are beneficial to graduates. You earned recognition to future events!



5. York Style @notnakedatyork

Shows diversity within the York Campus through people’s style choices. You could submit your own pictures through the email or tumblr provided on the Instagram page.


6. Recruitment Team @Yorkandu

If you like the Humans of New York page, you will love this page! A team that talks to York students across Ontario. These students are asked questions about their experiences or impressions and share their stories with you!



7. Food anyone? @Yorkufood

Love food? Then this is the page for you. With this Instagram, you will never be hungry! This page shows you some menu items at certain places around campus. As well as, actual food pictures that will make you hungry!



8. York SCLD @yorkuscld

Student Community Leadership Development official website. A page about leadership that creates awareness, growth, diversity and encourages people to be better.


9. Shake your hips and move your head @ydaofficial

A great page that informs students of future dance choreography, workshops and challenges! A way to keep in shape, lose your stress and learn new moves.



10. A little more competitive in Dance? @yorklionsdancenery

York’s competitive dance team! You can speak with them through their email on Instagram. There are some videos of a few short dance routines for supporters! Check them out!


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11. Lions, Rawr! @yorkulions

Keeps students up to date with the sports at York. The champions, the visitors and the teammates. Also, incredible job opportunities that is open to York students, to enjoy working at their University with amazing people!



12. Maloca Community Garden @malocagarden_york

Love to garden or get your hands dirty with soil? Then this is the place for you! Anyone, who is interested is welcome to plant seeds and turn soil. An extremely down to Earth experience available at York, Keele campus.


13. Straight Outta YorkU @ straightouttayorku

Want to laugh a little or a lot? This page is meant for that! A group of university students that try to bring a smile to your face through scenarios, parodies and series. Also know as “York’s ****-disturbers”.



14. Schulich School of Business @schulichschool

Specifically designed for students who are part of the business school. This page has everything that could be found inside or around the official Schulich building, such as food and Pokémon!



15. Osgoode Hall Law School @osgoodehalllawschool

Like #14, this is specifically designed for students who are attending the Law school here. This page includes individuals who have accomplished recognition for winning awards.


Have any other York Instagram accounts you like to follow? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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