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15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Frosh Year at York

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Frosh Year at York


York University is truly the best university to attend. The decision to go here changed my life and I would consider it to be the best decision of my life. It is like living in your own bubble that consists of a huge city with a lot of friendly people. Sounds like a good time, right? It really is, but starting a new milestone in your life can be both complicated and confusing. Keep reading for some tips and information that I wish I knew before frosh year!

1. Want to have fun in University even before you start your frosh year?

FROSH is your answer! It is a great opportunity to meet new people and build friendships. FROSH lasts for a week and people with a far commute can stay at York overnight. Each college has its own FROSH kits that need to be purchased. Each FROSH kit is different, but most consist of t-shirts, mugs, information about FROSH and York and a wristband that lets you enter parties/boat cruises that your college has planned. FROSH is a great event to look forward to before frosh year begins.

2. Are you shy but still excited about York?

York Orientation day is perfect for you! It is available to students who wish to sign up and learn about York’s history, buildings and possible class locations. This year, it takes place on September 7th 2016. Go and learn more about your college!


3. Know what you’re talking about.

“The Neighborhood”. The York housing services for students is known as the village and ONLY the village. Don’t get it wrong, it can be both embarrassing and awkward.

4. Love to watch sports?

One of the Privileges of a YU Card is that it gets you into York Lion games for FREE. Hockey, soccer, football or basketball, etc. Any York student can watch for free! Going to sporting events at York is a great way to meet people, even before your freshman year and show off your school pride!

5. Yay, business…?

Maybe, if you are a student in The Schulich School of Business. Most students, who are part of the Business school, tend to only associate with students in their program. Do not take it personally.


6. Want to get involved more?

Do it like the Americans do! If you are thinking of joining a fraternity or sorority before freshman year begins, York does have a few to choose from. Fraternities include Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Sororities include Tau Sigma Phi, Delta Phi Nu, Delta Pi and Delta Psi Delta (international legal fraternity).

7. Stuck between filling up your resume and having fun?

Try to join extra-curriculars such as clubs or volunteering. Pick something that interests you or something completely new that you have always wanted to learn about. Make a list the summer before freshman year. That way you are sure to have fun while building up your resume. You’ll even make new friends that have similar interests. Every year, at the start of the school year, York will have all the clubs come to one place within the school, so students can look around and join whichever one they like. Take advantage!

8. The most crowded and hectic area at York?

It’s known as the Central Area of York and part of the Campus Walk. Campus Walk is a pathway that is in the main area at York and has building such as the Steacie Science & Engineering Library, Central Area of York, Lassonde Building, Life Sciences, etc.


9. Go to class!

Try not to skip class, you’re paying your hard earned money to listen to passionate professors who are masters in their subject. Attendance can be mandatory in some classes, such as tutorials. While they may be tempting to skip, those marks could add up and get you a higher grade. Don’t waste that opportunity.

10. Do your readings/homework.

While having a full work load, it can be difficult to get back on track if you stop trying. Try and maintain this habit before freshman year. Reading is important and you’ll be forced to read when it is exam time. Do not cram everything last minute because it won’t work, there are too many things to remember.


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11. Want to relieve stress?

Use the Gym that is located at Tait McKenzie Centre. Exercise is helpful both physically and mentally. Your body and mind need a break and exercising, sweating it off is one the best stress relievers for a University student.

12. Tim Hortons is your new best friend.

Do you have morning classes or evening classes? Trouble sleeping or concentrating during a boring class? Coffee will become your new friend. You’ll notice many students sitting with coffee in class or showing up late with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. Didn’t like coffee in high school? Don’t worry, you will.


13. Want to save money?

Of course you do. Don’t choose to buy your textbooks unless it is a new edition or was written by your professor. Always rent your books and try not to highlight in them, so they’re able to be sold for a better price after finals.

14. Want to save even more money before frosh year?

Apply for as many scholarships, awards and bursaries as you are qualified for. It is a guaranteed way for you to save money!

15. To enjoy your school year….

Make sure you choose your schedule on time! Don’t decide to wait until after your appointed time. Research what classes you may want to take online and plan it out early. With over 55,0000 students at York, classes get filled up quickly. That’s something that’s easy to miss before freshman year. Start with the classes you need for your program, then add your electives if you have room. In the first week of school, many students shift their schedule around, so if there is a class that was full and you needed/wanted, don’t worry! There is still a chance you can enroll if another student drops it.

Have any other tips for York University frosh? Be sure to comment below and share the article.
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