15 Signs You’re From Canada

If you’re from Canada, you know that there are some things only we understand. Here are 15 signs you’re from Canada.


1. You say “chocolate bars,” not “candy bars.”

2. You’re always apologizing. Sorry is your most commonly said word.

3. You actually know what a toque is.

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4. You get overjoyed when a television show mentions the word “Canada.”

5. You’re used to the cold weather (and maybe even like it?).

6. You say 25 degrees Celsius, not 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


7. You know there are only two seasons: winter and construction.

8. You’re probably addicted to bacon.

9. You say “university” instead of “college.”

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10. You openly discuss the weather with people.


11. You’re a fair driver and always please pedestrians first.

12. You’re physically allowed to visit Cuba.

This is definitely not the norm for most people.


13. You experience Tim Hortons withdrawal symptoms.

Tim Hortons is a staple in your diet.

14. You use the term “pop” instead of “soda.”

15. Beaver Tails are your favorite dessert.


Have any other signs you’re from Canada? Comment below!

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Amanda Iliadis

Amanda Iliadis is studying for her Bachelor of Arts in history, transferring to Ryerson University this fall. Succeeding in school and learning new things has always been her biggest personal endeavor, as school is something she's always enjoyed.

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