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15 Hair Hacks For When You’re Feeling Lazy

15 Hair Hacks For When You’re Feeling Lazy

Let’s be honest, the hardest part of my day is the morning. In between last night’s binge watching or reading and my early morning class – curse you Calculus class at 8:30 – I have no time to spend on my hair. Not that I would even if I had time because I’m just that lazy. So to help out everyone who is in the same boat as me, keep reading for some hair hacks to help you get out that door a little faster.

1. The Propped- Up Ponytail

Now, when you are running late a ponytail is the simplest and fastest way to do your hair. While I do like to put my hair into a ponytail because I have such long hair it does tend to droop so I like to put two bobby pins underneath my ponytail to keep it up.



2. Taming Those Flyaways!

When I wake up my hair looks like a bush monkey’s and even after I comb it and do my hair I still have small hairs that stick out. To get rid of those I simply spray some hairspray onto a fine toothed comb or a toothbrush, and brush the surface of my hair with it to tame them.

one of the best hair hacks for all of my flyaway hair!



3. Dry Shampoo Overnight 

If you don’t have time to wash your hair everyday (because really who has that kind of time) and are finding that it is getting greasy, an easy fix for it is dry shampoo.

Tip: Apply the dry shampoo before you sleep so that it has a full night to soak up all the oil in your hair.


4. Quick & Easy Curls

If you aren’t running too late in the morning and want to curl your hair (because really who doesn’t like curls) a trick to curling faster is putting your hair up in ponytail at the top of your head, splitting it into sections, and curling that way. This works well with all lengths of hair just make sure to spray some hair spray onto your hair when you are done.

5. No-Heat Curls

If you want curls but don’t want to use heating tools like a curling iron or flat iron, have no fear- you can achieve the look you want with just a hairband. This look works best for short to medium length hair. All you have to do is keep your hair wrapped around a hair band for a few hours and presto- beautiful curls that needed no heat.


Tip: Part your hair before you wrap so that you can take the headband off and walk straight out the door in the morning.

6. Curls With a Blow Dryer

If you want loose beach waves, there’s a simple trick to getting them. This works best with dampened hair and once you are done make sure to separate your curls with your fingers. It’s great because you get beautiful beach curls without any harsh, direct heat on your hair from curling or flat irons.


7. Aluminum Foil Curls

This hack works really well if you have naturally straight hair that won’t curl otherwise. Since you will be applying heat directly to the aluminum foil, don’t touch it with your fingers- as it gets hot fast. Once the all the foil sections are cool slid the foil out and you have your curls.





8. Braid Waves

If you braid your hair you often you probably already know that when you take your braids out, your hair is naturally wavy. You can do this the night before you go to sleep or you can go over each braid with a flat iron in the morning.


Tip: The larger the section the bigger the waves, and the looser the braid the less waves you see when you take the plait out.

9. Quick & Easy Updo

If you are really running late, a simple way to do your hair is by tying it up. If you add a cute beret to it, it looks even better.

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10. The Sock Bun

This one is weird and a little tricky to get the hang of, but once you get it, oh my gosh you will love it. It looks amazing when you are done and takes no time to do. This is honestly super easy to do and it makes you look so put together. Check out a cute video here!


11. Frizz-Free Hair

This one is really out there but it works. Use a dryer sheet and gently rub it over your hair in sections and it will get rid of the frizz and static to your hair. I know it sounds really odd but if you go from the top to the bottom of your hair, it will get rid of the frizz!



12. 2-Minute Bubble Bun

This a quick way to get your hair up and out of your way without having to spend hours on it. This look takes two minutes, and it looks so cute in the end.

13. French Braid (With a Twist)

This look is simple and looks great even without the French braid. If you are going to skip the French braid it is best to use a hair band that is embellished with flowers or jewels, so that the look does not look to plain.


14. The Perfect Messy Bun

This is normally what happens when I do a ponytail. I will get so tired of my hair being in my way that I’ll just put it up into a bun. This is really simple and it’s one level up from a regular ponytail.


15. Easy Twist and Braided Bun

This is really cute and it’s very simple and fast to do in the morning. If you find that you don’t like how the braid looks, you can always skip it- but this is a really pretty way to do your hair!

Have fun trying out these quick and easy hair hacks to keep you and your hair looking your best even at your laziest. Comment below with your go-to hair hacks and share this article with friends!

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