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13 Things You Still Ask Your Mom

13 Things You Still Ask Your Mom

Even after not living at home for a few years there are so many things that we all have yet to figure out… or just prefer our Mom to do it for us. From making appointments to making sure we aren’t dying, Mom is the real MVP of our lives. Keep reading for 13 things you definitely still ask your mom.

1. “Mom how do I make a dentist appointment….Okay now can you write me a script of what to say when I call?”

2. “Am I a bad adult for not separating my whites from my colors?”

3. “Mom is my period normal?”

4. “Do I really need to put salt in the hot water before I put pasta in it?”

5. “If I put my soup in the slow cooker on high.. when will it be ready?”

6. “How do you know sour cream is bad? Wouldn’t it just get more sour….?”

7. “Mom can you send me $20.00 for pizza…. and alcohol…?”

8. “Can you come with me to the doctor and just explain my symptoms? You do it so much better than I do.”

9. “I missed taking my birth control yesterday. If I take two pills today will I die?”

10. Mom can you please pick up your phone? What if this was an emergency?”

11. “I have a fever and am throwing up, WEBMD says I’m dying, is this true?”

12. “How hard does my egg have to be to be considered hard boiled?”

13. “Mom why did I ever leave you?”

What other things do you still ask your mom? Comment below and share this article with friends…or your mom!
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