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10 Types of Professors That You Meet at McGill

10 Types of Professors That You Meet at McGill

College life is full of surprises. So, be prepared to have professors with very different personalities. Beware, they won’t eat you but some of them might seem a little crazy. Keep reading for a list of 10 personality types of professors at McGill University !

1. The professor who just needs money for their research.

…And they only give lectures for that. No interest for students, no office hours scheduled, and their exams are easier than other classes. Also, you won’t see them anywhere else out of class.

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2. The too-friendly-to-their-students professor.

Maybe it’s a plan to increase his students’ interest to his lectures, but do you really need to have your professor’s phone number or Facebook to go to lectures and get an A?

3. The one who at least tries to speak English.

You can be 99% sure that this professor comes from a foreign country. They try to be as understandable as possible, but their accent is so pronounced that sometimes lectures are a real challenge.

4. The soporific professor.

This professor has the same voice tone during all the lectures, making what they say less interesting that it can be tiring, and suddenly, their voice has the effect of a lullaby.


5. The professor who always ends classes too late.

…And you start to get very impatient because now you have only 4 minutes to go from Rutherford PHYS to McIntyre (which is of course, impossible). The other option is to leave lecture at the time it is supposed to end, but in this case, the prof might be offended (especially if the class is small).

6. The almost-offensive professor.

For a freshman, hearing a professor swearing can be offensive, but is it really the case? It is also possible to encounter cases where the prof is actually offensive, and it might make you put in question the whole university for that.


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7. The “too-nice-to-be-a-professor” professor.

They can make the class really enjoyable and make you want to go to class (even if it’s mid January and you need to reach Stewart biol) or, lecture can be very uncomfortable and kinda freaky.


8. The professor who avoids technology altogether.

Or when they try to use it, it takes almost half the lecture just to put the power point on the screen or to start a video (just the amount of time to make half LEA 132 leave the room).

9. The almost-a-professor but not a professor.

Here we have the masters/PhD students who give lectures or are TAs for professors and give conferences. Either they will be nice and helpful or make you live a real hell, therefore abusing their power.


10. The ‘’too stressed to keep calm’’ professor.

Students are physically attending the lectures (probably because attendance is counting for the mark) but their attention is going somewhere else. This is the prof who will remark that and the ambiance will be tense with them, as they will try to stay cool without success.

What are some other types of professors you would meet at McGill? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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