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10 Truths About Sex In Uni

10 Truths About Sex In Uni

Sex – It’s complicated, especially as first years. Everybody urges you to have those “slutty years” to really understand what you want, and what you don’t want. You already feel super awkward as a new student, but then you add in the idea of sex. Uni can be very different from secondary school, and very confusing…this is especially true when it comes to sex. So, to help you out, here are ten truths about sex in uni.

1. Hookups are more common.

While not every school acts like Animal House, there is more casual sex in uni than in secondary school. Most of it is a result of the close proximity everyone has with one another, either in the residences or apartments. And, when you mix closeness with horny uni kids under the influence of whatever substance, hookups are bound to happen.

2. The term “hooking up” will still be confusing.

When people hear the term “hook up,” there can be many interpretations. For some, it means you kissed a total random person while dancing against the kitchen cabinet, maybe you’re developing a little “friends-with-benefits” situation, and some use “hooking-up” to refer to full on sex. You will most likely have a different definition than other people.


3. People are more open and comfortable about sex.

When people hook up, it’s definitely still gossiped about, but less than than in secondary school. Uni students have many more important things to worry about. It almost becomes a norm when you hear about someone hooking up with someone else. Like, ok cool, what else is going on? Students typically feel more comfortable with talking about their sexuality and make conversations more open and accepting with sex.


4. You will probably hear it happening.

The residence walls are literally paper thin. Be prepared to blast your headphones to block out the moans and grunts, and possibly even leave your room. And, oh yeah, those awkward encounters when you walk by your neighbour the next morning on the way to the bathroom. You’ll look at them with the “I know what/who you did last night” look.


5. There are free or cheap resources available.

There is a Condom Club at my school. I’m not joking. They are always in the quad handing out condoms and information about practicing safe sex. There are probably places near or on campus where you can go and get free or reduced birth control and STD exams. They are there for you, so go ahead and take advantage of them!

6. It will cause fights.

I know plenty of students who became very annoyed with their flatmate because they were getting sexiled all the time. It’s never fun when you’ve had a long day and all you want to do is curl into bed and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. But, you can’t because you just got a text that says “Can I please have the room for a bit. I’ll text you when we’re out.” If either you or your flatmate uses the room for sex, make sure to communicate and be considerate. This can help avoid many conflicts in the future. Speaking of communication….

7. Communication is key.

Whether you are with your long-term significant other or someone you met that night, let them know what you are and are not comfortable with. You can say no whenever you feel uncomfortable, and respect when your partner asks to stop. No means no, point blank.


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8. Not everyone is having sex in uni.

If you are a virgin or have only had one partner, you are not alone. Not everyone has crazy hook up stories, or needs their fingers and toes to count how many times they’ve gotten it in. You are fine in however far you choose to go with your sex life in uni.


9. Sexual assault is more common in uni.

This is a sensitive subject for many, but the truth is approximately 1 in 4 females will be sexually assaulted during uni. If this happens to you or your friend, know that there are resources on campus, and it is never the victim’s fault. Support others that have experienced this and take care of yourself as well. Be aware of your surroundings and speak up if you have information others may be holding back.


10. Finally, every uni has different cultures and pressures.

Not every uni is the same in sex culture. Some schools may be filled with couples, while others have a student body that seems to be having limitless amounts of casual sex. You may feel social pressure to stay single, or get into a relationship right away depending on who your friends are and the school you go to. Be prepared for all of it and do whatever YOU feel comfortable with.


Any other truths about sex in uni to add to the list? Share in the comments!

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