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10 Tips To Get You Through Sorority Recruitment at the University of Toronto

10 Tips To Get You Through Sorority Recruitment at the University of Toronto

Decided to join a sorority? Here are 10 tips to help you get through sorority recruitment at the University of Toronto!

1. Don’t Be Afraid

Seriously. It might seem intimidating at first, but every PNM (Potential New Member) is in the same boat you are so don’t be scared to open up and find a friend within the group you’re placed in. It’s a 3-day process so you’ll definitely see similar faces throughout that weekend, why not make some friends and potential sisters while you’re at it?

2. Don’t Make Assumptions

Being part of a sorority is amazing, but joining a house because the house name sounds cool won’t do you any good. Make connections with the girls inside the house and make sure you ask a lot of questions! Don’t make your decision based off of a single girl from a house, try to give each one a fair chance and you’ll end up with the one that’s right for you!


3. Make Yourself Memorable

Think of this as a job interview where you want to showcase your talents and show them what sets you apart from other PNMs. Remember, you only have a few minutes when talking to each girl from a house so keep it short, sweet and memorable. Make a good impression in those few minutes with each girl you meet and you’ll more likely be called back. Even if you don’t, you can never have enough friends!

4. Get The Facts

Being a member of a sorority is no cheap venture, so make sure to get information from each house about the living costs and dues. Take them into consideration before committing to a house. Falling in love with a house is easy, but you don’t want to disappoint your sisters when you can’t commit to your financial responsibilities. In the end, we’re all just trying to keep our houses up and running so try and be wary of the commitments that need to be made before joining a sorority.

5. Don’t Listen To The Movies

The media has negatively portrayed sororities, mostly because American sororities have had some bad press throughout their existence, but UofT sororities are nothing like what’s on TV. Weekly meetings, socials, philanthropy nights and volunteering is what sorority life is about, not crazy ragers. And don’t worry, all UofT sororities are haze-free and alcohol-free houses; they take these rules very seriously. So when you join any UofT sorority, you don’t have to run around in your underwear on campus at 3am or be pressured to drink. It’s a safe place because no one likes a bully.


6. Tell Your Friends

So many people at UofT, UTM and UTSC don’t even know that sororities exist in Toronto and miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Greek life! Grab a friend or even your lab partner from tutorial and sign up for recruitment. It’s honestly a great experience, even if you don’t end up loving a house in the end (which you will), you’ll be able to tell people what it’s really like to be a sorority girl and spread awareness for those who know nothing about sorority life.

7. Wear Something Comfortable

Obviously check the weather before getting dressed for recruitment weekend. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that won’t go south on you after a couple steps outside. Looking cute and presentable is what you want to go for but don’t sacrifice your feet for the look. Some houses are a bit further from the others and you’ll have to walk with your group to each of them. Buses may be available for houses on the other side of campus, but don’t rely on them! You never know what kind of technical difficulties may arise so dress accordingly!

8. Ask Questions

Don’t feel like you have to blend in with everyone else and keep quiet even though you have questions about sorority life. Remember, when you commit to a house, it’s for life! So when you’re unsure about anything, ASK ASK ASK! No question is dumb and another PNM is probably wondering the same thing. Whether it’s about living situations, financial commitments, or philanthropic responsibilities make sure to gather all your facts before choosing a house. Sorority girls were once in the same position you are, so whatever questions you have, they’ve probably had when they were PNMs.


9. Take Some Notes

It’s a bit of an overwhelming weekend so grab a pen/pencil and the booklet handed out to you and scribble down some notes after you visit each house. At the end of the day, you may not exactly remember which girl you talked and which house they were in so it’s always easier when you can refer back to your notes rather than guessing. Even writing down “the one that’s far away” or “curly haired girl” can help jog your memory after a day of visiting sorority houses and talking to so many girls.

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10. It’s Never Too Late

It doesn’t matter what year you’re in, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th, sorority life is always a good choice whether you’re fresh out of high school, or on your way out of UofT. It’s a lifetime commitment and you’ll always have your sisters to rely on. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, someone to bring you coffee whilst stu(dying), celebrating a good grade or just simply being there for you, your sisters will always have your back no matter what year you’re in.


UofT recruitment is happening from September 16-18th 2016.

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