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10 Reasons Why McGill Is Just The Worst

10 Reasons Why McGill Is Just The Worst

Keep reading for 10 reasons why McGill is just the worst!

1. Attending McGill is really bad for your ego.

It’s the best university in Canada. Of course, being among the best is a bit hard for your ego, all your high school friends may hate you for that.



2. You will be forced to listen to loud music and drink cheap beer outside.

Seriously, how bad it is to have an outside pub on campus with hot dogs, live bands and more important the cheapest beer you can find in Montreal?


3. There is no hope in the world for you not to gain weight while at McGill.

Because you’re in Canada, you will be forced to enjoy the worst food ever (like the wonderful Poutine or smoke meat, bagels, etc). Also, they have samosas on campus, just sayin’….



4. You will find yourself actually showing affection to the squirrels on campus.

Because it is horrible to see those cute little animals everywhere around campus, especially since they can sometimes be friendly…


5. You will be constantly reminded that you aren’t able to perform magic because you are only a muggle.

Everyone knows McGill looks just like Hogwarts. Why would you go to a university that makes you feel you’re going to practice magic every morning when you really cannot?


6. There will be many new, different people you will have to meet.

Is it really a benefit to study somewhere where a quarter of the student body is international and you can exchange easily and learn from each other? Don’t you just want to stick to the same boring crowd all the time?


7. There is so much to do around campus, it will be difficult for you to choose.

Having a different festival every week in Montreal can be very boring. Moreover, it is disappointing to live in the heart of the city, there are too many things to do, you might not be able to do everything during your degree.



8. You will have to start off as a Frosh, like everyone else.

Just because everyone else starts off as a frosh, doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Just because this is the opportunity of a lifetime to live an unforgettable experience, have fun, and meet amazing people who share some of the same interests with you doesn’t mean it’s worth it…right?



9. You will be emerged in a new language without your permission.

Being in Canada and having to speak a foreign language?  Why should you take this wonderful opportunity to learn French when you could just focus on boring old English as a means of communication?

10. You may feel badly about yourself when you compare yourself to the other students who have graduated before you.

Do you really want to graduate from the same university as Justin Trudeau, Leonard Cohen, Grimes, Sir Jon Abbott, etc. ?



What are some other reasons McGill is the “worst” university ever? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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