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10 Reasons Why UofT Is The Best University On Earth!

10 Reasons Why UofT Is The Best University On Earth!


With the new semester rolling around the corner, I’m sure everyone is less than excited to go back to class… a lot of the chatter around this time of year revolves around how awful school is. Let’s face it, UofT gets a lot of bad press for being really hard. To cheer you up a little, here are 10 reasons why UofT actually is the best university ever.

1. We are the best university in Canada.

Let’s get this one out the way; yes, UofT is demanding, difficult and might make you want to pull your hair out, but you’re there because you’re one of Canada’s brightest brains. We are ranked #1 across most Canadian University Ranking systems, and that gives us great bragging rights.

2. The University of Toronto is the Harvard of Canada.

What about when we look at the rest of the world? UofT still ranks high worldwide, usually in the top 20. We’ve also been nicknamed after one of the most prestigious universities, so if your international friends haven’t heard of UofT, just tell them you go to Harvard. It’s the same thing…right?



3. We offer some REALLY cool classes.

Ok, all classes suck, because they’re classes. They have assignments and lectures and readings and a lot of other things we hate. However, you’re going to have to go to class no matter how much you wish you didn’t, so at least UofT has some really awesome and unique ones to take. Check out this article to read about a few of them!


4. We have 3 gyms!

Even if you’re not really into the fitness scene, this can still be a huge pro on this list! If we have the demand for three different gyms, there must be a lot of people who use them. That means a lot of people who work out. That means a lot of really fit girls and guys that you can ogle at…

5. You might kick start your acting career!

By now, everyone knows that the math competition from Mean Girls was filmed in Con Hall, but there are tons of other blockbuster movies that used our beautiful campus; The Vow, the Incredible Hulk, and Good Will Hunting all have scenes here. You’re bound to see movie vans spread across campus during the year, so you might just find yourself making an appearance as an extra!


6. You get the campus and the city all in one!

This means you get the best of both experiences. Even though the campus is huge, once you reach it, everything around is UofT. You’ll run into your friends walking between class, yet you are just a few minutes away from the rest of downtown Toronto. There is always something going on in this bustling city, and restaurants, malls and bars are right around the corner.



7. Our college system makes it a little less scary.

UofT is enormous, with almost 70,000 undergraduate students. That means you can feel a little lost and intimidated by the sheer size, however every student is assigned to one of 7 colleges. It’s a nice home base whether you live on campus or not, and gives you the feeling of a smaller community for when you feel overwhelmed.

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8. There are lots and lots of clubs you can join.

There are over 800 clubs, and a lot of these are actually student-run. That means if you can’t find one on offer that interests you, you’re welcome to create your own, no matter how weird or random it might seem. For example, a group called ‘Bug Bites’ was created looking to be the first entomology-inspired (eating bugs…) group at UofT. I told you it didn’t matter how weird it was…


9. We have an amazing Greek life community.

UofT is one of only a few universities in Canada that have fraternities and sororities. We even established the first sorority in Canada in 1887! Similarly to the college system and clubs, this is another thing that can help UofT seem a little smaller.


10. You can be an alumnae that graduated at Con Hall along with…

Lorne Michaels (the creator of SNL), Margaret Atwood, Donald Sutherland, Graham Yost, 10 different Nobel laureates, countless prime ministers, mayors and governors… and all the friends that you will have made during your amazing time at UofT!



Have any other reasons why you think UofT is the best school on Earth? Feel free to comment below! If you liked these reasons, share the article!
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