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10 Free Things To Do In Toronto You Need To Know About

10 Free Things To Do In Toronto You Need To Know About

Toronto: a multi-cultural city chalk full of good eats, the undeniable home of Drake, night life and a mecca for free activities. Yes, you read that right. This city is full of things you can do when you’re trying to watch your wallet.

Here is a breakdown of 10 free things Toronto calls home to.

1. Visit The Art Gallery Of Ontario

Floors to ceiling glass windows that show off the city, intricate statues, paintings and sculptures, these are all available at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Known as the AGO by locals, the cost to visit the museum can run an individual up to $110 for an individual membership.


But don’t worry, the museum offers multiple chances for people to visit for free, making it one of the best free things Toronto possesses. Anyone under 25 can visit the museum, for free, year-round. There’s also free admission for high school students and free admission via community centers.

But if you don’t fall into any of those categories, don’t worry! Every Wednesday from 6-9 PM, AGO has free admission for a selection of galleries, open to everyone!


2. Sugar Beach

Sugar beach gets its name from the neighbouring sugar factory that sits on Toronto’s waterfront. The cute little beach looks to be something out of a movie. White sand, colourful umbrellas and white lawn chairs: it’s the perfect place to relax and take in the beauty of Lake Ontario.

3. Toronto Reference Library

One of the coolest free things Toronto possess is libraries. They’re a key part to our culture and play a role in building communities. Not to mention, they’re pretty neat. The Toronto Reference Library looks to like utopia for book lovers.


The library has multiple levels and all of them are full of books. Plus, The Weekend shot a music video there, so if books aren’t your thing, snapping pictures where famous celebrities have filmed might be.

4. Celebrity Sight seeing

Speaking of celebrities, Toronto is a hot-spot for them. From the Toronto International Film Festival, to the city’s multiple filming locations, Toronto is full of places where celebrities have been. Because of this, one of the best free things Toronto has is celebrity sigh seeing. Just look up celebrities who are filming in Toronto and visit their set to see if you can watch them in action.


5. Hike The Scarborough Bluffs

The Bluffs are a majestic little part of Toronto. When you’re there, you feel like you traveled hundreds of miles outside of the city to some quiet, serine place. Visiting, especially hiking, the Bluffs is one of the most fun free things Toronto has. But be careful to follow all signs and don’t cross over any barriers. Happy hiking!


6. Toronto Sign

Is there anything more iconic? Found at Nathan Phillips Square, the Toronto sign is a life size sign where you can take cool pictures. Did you really visit Toronto if you didn’t take a picture in front of the Toronto sign?

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7. Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Cherry blossom season is undeniably one of the most picturesque free things Toronto has. High Park is the best place to get these photos because that’s where a large majority of cherry blossom trees can be found. Happy snapping!

8. Watch a Free Movie In A Park

When the warmer weather approaches, the city hosts movies across the city in local parks that are free to watch. Sometimes, popcorn is included! You’re required to bring something comfy to sit on, but that sounds like a fair trade-off for a free movie.


9. Window Shopping

Window shopping is a surprisingly fun way to spend some time in Toronto. It gives you inspiration for cute things to buy and maybe even some reminders of things you already own. With the multitude of shops in Toronto, it’s of the best free things Toronto has.


10. Jurassic Park

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know what Jurassic Park is. It’s a place where Raptors fans gather to cheer on their home team during the NBA finals. For the first time ever, the Raptors have won the NBA finals. It’s a big deal. Plus, going there is free.

Have you tried and of these free things Toronto has? Leave a comment below telling us about your favourites!

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