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10 First Apartment Hacks You Need To Know

10 First Apartment Hacks You Need To Know

If you're looking for some apartment hacks when it comes to getting your first college place, these are the tips you NEED to know before settling in! Whether your apartment is small or large, these are the key tricks that will help.

Your first place, a new home, all your own. Exciting right? With all the excitement comes the overwhelming notions of being on your own (or with a roommate). Fear not, here are some first apartment hacks to make you feel right at home!

1. If you’re going to shack up with a roomie, know yourself first

Roommates can be fun but they can also be stressful. If you don’t fully understand yourself and how you live within your home, then this could potentially strain your relationship with your roommate. While not a tangible hack, exploring yourself personally can set the path for a comfy living situation

2. Ask your parents

If you can, try reaching out to your parents, aunts, uncles, family friends and/or anyone that will donate stuff some used furniture to you. Usually used furniture is cheap and sometimes free, which gives you some extra $$ to fix it up if you want too!


3. Raid the Dollar Store

If there’s something you can’t find through hand-me-downs, retreat to your nearest Dollar Store. I’m serious, you can find literally anything you might need for a buck!

4. Scroll through Pinterest

With all the Dollar Store stuff in hand, it’s so easy to make something cheap look anything but. It may take a little extra work but trust me it’ll save you money and it’s customizable.

5. Organization is key

6. I’m serious, sort your life out

7. Get your basics

Towels, sheets, plates, bowls, cups, etc.

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8. But don’t hoard

This goes hand in hand with organization. If your apartment is too cluttered, it’s more likely to start to become not such a great place to hang out. If you don’t need it, get rid of it!

9. Make it your own

10. Don’t fret

It’s a lot of work and sometimes chaotic but it’ll all work out. The best thing for your new home is to keep calm. Relaxation in your life will translate into your apartment.


What do you think of these first apartment hacks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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