10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas Even Lazy Girls Can Do

Let’s face it, dorm rooms are tiny, ugly, and the wall are very,very plain. Since you spend a ton of time in your dorm room, why not make it a place you love. With a few simple DIY dorm decor projects you can turn a typical, boring dorm room, into your favourite place on campus.

1. The easiest wall art ever: Tapestry.

Hanging a tapestry on one of your walls will create a totally different atmosphere. Having an accent wall will make decorating your room easier as you have some sort of theme to follow. Check out urban outfitters for some Tumblr inspired choices.

2. A flower monogram that *looks* like it took hours to make.

Pick up a wooden letter at your local dollar store or craft store, with a bunch of fun coloured flowers. Using a hot glue gun cover the letter with an arrange of the flowers to add a fun pop of colour on your walls.


3. A garden you can manage even without a green thumb.

Adding a little green into your life is good for you, I promise. Terrariums are very low maintenance so you won’t have to worry about killing the plants. You can buy the glass bowl, rocks, sand, and some fertilizer all at your dollar store. The succulents can be found at your local hardware store. Decorate your desk or window sill with this “lively” DIY dorm decor.

4. Your very own coffee (or stationary) cart…because every lazy girl needs their coffee.

Purchasing a cart from Ikea will be a life saver, trust me. Are you a coffee lover? Need storage for all of your stationary? Decorate this cart with all of your essentials. Another cute idea would be to buy a coffee press and add a few cute mugs for easy access to your coffee every morning.

5. A tassel garland that’s much easier to make than you think.

For this simple DIY dorm decor idea you will need a pair of scissors, twine, tissue paper, and a hot glue gun. To hang your design purchase some command hooks so you can have it running along your wall. Get the tutorial here.


6. The quickest way to decorate your door: Washi tape.

To make your room’s door more inviting try decorating it with Washi tape. Washi tape is decorative tape that come off any surface easily. Try making some geometric patterns, create frames around photos, and just get creative (you can even use it on walls and furniture)!

7. A good way to put all those ping pong balls to good use.

For this DIY dorm decor project you will need some ping pong balls, string/Christmas lights (make sure they’re LED), and scissors, knife or a pen. Using the scissors or pen you can poke a hole in the ping pong ball. Then put the light inside the ping pong ball. When done with the entire string of lights you can hang them over your desk or bed to create a calm aura.

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8. A pretty way to keep your day organised.

I have been seeing this DIY all of over Pinterest and YouTube. All you need to do is print out a calendar (Pinterest has so many) and then clip it onto the board. Hang it up or just rest it against a wall. Simple.

9. A cute DIY that requires just a few minutes. And a mason jar.

Take some spray paint or acrylic paint and paint the outside of mason jars. You can use this cute and simple DIY to hold your pens, highlighters, makeup brushes, or even some flowers.

10. Artwork that hardly requires talent.

You need to check out this cool wall decor DIY from the crazy craft lady. Using hot glue as your wording, you can write any message to keep you motivated throughout the year. Get the full tutorial here.

Featured image source:
Aruna Rajpal

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