10 Courses At McGill You Didn’t Know About

From learning about the social aspect of food to everything about the Earth, these are the 10 easiest and most interesting classes at Ryerson University!

The biggest struggle at McGill is probably course registration. What courses at McGill should I take for my program? Does it fit in my schedule? Do I have enough credits in that topic? You will ask yourself those questions more than you think. To help you, here is a list of some courses at McGill that you can take, even if they seem a bit absurd.

1. MUAR 211 – The Art of Listening

For this class, you will have to write reports about the concerts you go to, and it’s very easy to have good grades for this course.



2. CLAS 203 – Greek Mythology

Basically, it’s story time. You will learn everything about the Ancient Greek civilizations myths.

3. WILD 420 – Ornithology

No, there is no relation with pot at all, it’s all about birds. You will do some field trips to study birds in their natural environment, and it overlaps all their movements (reproduction, migration, etc.).

4. MATH 338 – History and Philosophy of Mathematics

This “Math” course is made for all the people that cannot understand calculus and everything related to it. It provides a historic background of the understanding of mathematics over different areas at different eras, so it’s also very interesting for general culture.


5. PHYS 224 – Physic of Music

It is possible to study music as an artistic movement or to practice it, but have you ever thought of studying it through the eyes of science ? This course allows you to study the properties of sound around the different types of music, and allows you to have a different understanding of what you listen to.

6. MUAR 1757 – Popular Music after 1945

We just saw that we can study music as a science, but here, we can take a look at music with a historical perspective. With that course, we can bring an answer to the question: to what extend does main historical movements influence human beings in their artistic experience?

7. PHYS 181 – Everyday Physics

Physics is not only about complex subjects like gravity, speed, etc. It surrounds us in our everyday life, and this course is about this kind of physics. It is very useful if you want to have a complete understanding of the basic things that surrounds us.

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8. PSYCH 302 – The Psychology of Pain

Psychology is a very complex understanding of the human race, and pain is something that makes us human. But have you ever thought you can take a course to study the psychological aspect of pain? There you will learn how pain works and how it can be managed.

9. EDPT 200 – Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom

Technology is becoming more and more important in our society, and it is necessary to learn how to deal with it. This course is designed to learn pedagogic methods using technology wisely when teaching to children.



10. EAPR 250 – Research Essay & Rhetoric

If you’re not comfortable with writing essays, papers, or presenting an oral, this course can help you to master the art of argumentation. Moreover, it will be beneficial in all the ways, because you get credits, it is useful for all your classes and for your future life.

Did you take any of these courses at McGill? Share what you thought and comment below!
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