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10 Unique Courses You Didn’t Know Existed At U Toronto

10 Unique Courses You Didn’t Know Existed At U Toronto


As course enrollment has just begun, we thought we’d give you a heads up to some of the coolest courses you can find on campus. After you’ve fulfilled all the boring, mandatory classes for your program, how about checking some of these wonderfully weird classes that ALMOST aren’t legitimate academic courses…only they are! Here are 10 unique courses you didn’t know existed at U Toronto!

1. MUS321H- The Beatles

The first one of these unique courses is devoted to studying the legendary, Beatles. You don’t even need to have a musical background, just an interest in spending classes listening to, and watching, videos of the Beatles. So, if you’re a fan of the group, or just think that listening to some great music during class is more likely to keep you awake than another professor lecturing you, this class is for you!


2. ENG239H1- Fantasy and Horror

In this class, you’ll get to read epic fantasies full of vampires, monsters, fairies, and magic. It stays specific to this one genre, so if you enjoy fantasy and horror, or are curious about the truth behind the supernatural, consider enrolling in this English class.



3. CIN360H1- Special Topics, Dopplegangers and Doubles

An entire class devoted to the eerie and unbelievable coincidence of two people looking alike? Is that even possible? Surprisingly, there’s a lot to consider when discussing celebrities and their look-alikes, so much so that this special topic continues to be offered year after year. This is probably as close as you’re going to get to a course where you can talk about those in the spotlight, so I’d sign up as soon as possible!

4. PHL-243H1- The Philosophy of Human Sexuality

Before you jump at the word ‘sex’ and add this unique courses to your enrollment cart, remember that this is still a philosophy course. It’s not like you’re going to be discussing Plato and Hobbes’ favorite positions, but it’s bound to be interesting to discover the biological, psychological and ethical reasons behind the crazy things we do in the name of love (*cough* SEX! *cough*)

5. VIC112Y1Y- Puzzles Discovery and the Human Imagination

This seminar is offered by Victoria College where you get to delve into the deeper meaning behind a variety of different kinds of puzzles. If you’re a geek at heart, take this course to be able to learn about puzzles all the way from ancient cultures to modern day.


6. PCL200H1- Drugs & The Brain

This pharmacology class doesn’t require any prerequisites, and can teach you all the delightful ways that drugs affect you. It doesn’t hurt to stay informed and understand the recreational activities you or your fellow peers engage in, so why not get a credit for it?

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7. SMC316H1- Social Technology and Networks

You spend all day on your phone and laptop, browsing through various social media platforms, and now they’ve even created a course devoted to learning about this! In this unique course, you can learn about how your favourite apps like Facebook or Snapchat affect the society you live in.

8. ENG389Y1Y- Creative Writing

This course is most likely to be reserved to those with an aptitude for English, as an application requires 12-15 pages of your original writing. However, if you enjoy writing or hope to pursue a career in this field in the future, what better way to get there than enrolling in a class that focuses purely on your creative side?

9. UNI102Y1: Performing in the City

This unique course is one of the four courses offered by UC One that really integrate learning into the city you live in; you’ll travel across Toronto discovering how theatre and the performing arts are intertwined into our city. If a conventional classroom course doesn’t sound appealing to you, try out this hands-on course!


10. PMU 199Y1Y- Can We Make a Robot See Like a Human?

This is a first year seminar about robots. ROBOTS. Of all of the unique courses, this one has to be the coolest. You’ll get to explore a few different disciplines in this course, looking at human vision, computational thinking and modelling robots. Let me stress once again: ROBOTS!

Would you take any of these unique courses? Share and comment below!
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