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#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

Does swimsuit shopping make you feel like nothing looks good on your body? Society19 knows the styles that flatter any body type!

Now that the Miss America Pageant has eliminated the swimsuit competition, it would seem that the public is finally starting to recognize the beauty in every type of body. While this is great news, it’s still easy to feel self-conscious when the only swimsuit models we see are 6’2” and size zero. Not to mention the fact that we can’t walk into a Victoria’s Secret for an unlimited amount of swimwear options anymore.

Although trendy swimwear costs an arm and a leg these days, finding one classic suit that flatters your body type is totally worth the investment. Revolve has one of the widest selections and price ranges of high quality, on-trend swimwear, so I usually start there when looking for a new suit. Bold, primary colors are in this summer, and I have definitely noticed more solid suits than patterned ones when shopping around recently. For example, my current color crush is red. It complements every skin tone (something I appreciate as a fair skinned person) and is sure to make you stand out in the best way.

I’ve paired some of the cutest red swimsuits with different body types, so that everybody can have a fiery start to this summer’s swimsuit styles.

The Straight and Narrow Body

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

Lucky you! You’ve heard it a thousand times, that swimsuits are made for you. While that is true in part, it doesn’t mean you still can’t shop for a suit to accentuate your best features! High cut bottoms like these from ELLEJAY highlight your mile-long legs and hit just below the belly button to add some dimension to your abdomen. You can totally rock this bandeau top with your physique, so take advantage of that when shopping around! This suit looks incredibly comfortable, and the over-the-shoulder straps are ideal for more active pursuits but can also be pulled down to eliminate tan lines.

The Curvy Body

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

I don’t know about you, but I am all about the one-piece trend! I was so excited when it came around a couple of years ago, and luckily it looks like it’s here to stay! It’s so nice not to have to worry about all of the moving pieces and parts of a bikini when you are just trying to have fun at the beach or the pool with your friends. Nowadays there are so many flattering, trendy options when it comes to one-pieces, they aren’t just for the body conscious anymore. I like that this one has a cutout detail around the back and waist to accentuate an hourglass shape. From the back, it practically looks like a bikini. The V-neck is sure to be flattering for chests of all sizes. A one-piece with cutouts on the side is also flattering on a pear-shaped figure.

The Petite Body

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

If you happen to be smaller in stature, tops with more dimension like this ruffled one from Suboo are your best friend. The shoulder straps are also adjustable, which can be great if you have a smaller back or chest and don’t want to flash the entire beach! The bottoms are itty-bitty, which most people tend to shy away from, but your little booty can rock it, so go for it! All in all, look for bottoms that cut higher on the back to elongate your legs, but aren’t high on the waist to show off as much of your torso as possible.

The Busty Body

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

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I do feel the need to preface this by saying that I do not fall into the large bust category, but after talking to some of my friends about their swimsuit preferences they all said to look for a suit with underwire! This top by Zulu & Zephyr is great because the structure and metal clasp in the back offer added support, yet it doesn’t look like a bra. This top is a great combination of tasteful cleavage, and more conservative coverage, making it an ideal staple to have in your closet. I know it can be hard to strike a balance of not looking obscene, but also not wanting the suit to look like something your mom would wear. I think a top like this is a perfect compromise! The matching bottoms create a slimming effect with the v-shaped cut at the waistband, and full coverage on the backside.

The Athletic Body

#ByeByeBikini: Stylish Swimsuits For Any Body Type

This one is my personal favorite, and I am planning on ordering it for an upcoming trip to Europe! The classic triangle top is great if you have a smaller chest, and flatters broader shoulders. If you do have a wider back thanks to hours spent in the gym or on the field, tops with neck and back tie closures are definitely the way to go. That way you can adjust the straps to feel most comfortable. The mesh and pom pom detailing on this suit are too cute. The biggest plus of this suit is the high-waisted bottoms. Depending on the length of your torso, these bottoms cover your belly button, so you can feel confident even after treating yourself to that post-workout ice cream, while still showing off your toned core of course! I tend to gravitate towards high-waisted bottoms especially if I know I’ll be doing any sort of water sports like surfing at the beach, or tubing at the river for added “security.”

What kind of swimsuit makes you feel the best? Comment below!

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