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10 Business Casual Outfits That You Can Rock At Your Job

The workplace is an important part of your life and if you are lucky enough to have a job where the dress code is business casual, there is definitely some room for you to show off some of your personal fashion styles while still looking professional. Even if you are not currently working in your dream job, there is no reason for you not to express yourself through the clothes you wear. Especially if you are in an office setting, your outfits should always make you feel confident yet wear comfortably and look sharp. Most of all they should make you look like you are there to put on a killer performance! Here are ten business casual outfits that you can rock at your job.

1. Stripes and dark pants

One of my favorite business casual outfits to wear to work is a striped shirt with dark jeans or slacks. This is a simple combination and you can easily add a dark blazer or cardigan to match.

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2. Little black dress

You can’t go wrong with this outfit. The little black dress is a classic and works well if you are going from work to an evening cocktail party or just to hang out with friends.

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3. Long sweaters and white top

When you want to feel comfortable at work yet still look presentable, you can’t go wrong with a long, soft-colored cardigan with a plain white top beneath. This is a simple outfit to accessorize with a long necklace and can tone it up to more business casual by adding a cute pair of heels.

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4. Floral print blouses

A great way to bring a sunny summer day into the workplace is by wearing a floral print blouse. You don’t need to accessorize this look much, a solid pair of pants will do, the brights colors of the flowers will be enough to energize you for a day of work.

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5. Plain red dress

Another great business casual outfit to add a pop of color to any day of the week is the plain red dress. No lace, no frill, just a plain red dress is both stylish and professional. If you feel like you need to balance off the brightness, you can always add a pair of opaque black tights.

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6. The long pencil skirt

The black pencil skirt should be a staple in every working girl’s closet because there are so many ways to customize an outfit. A plain white shirt can be worn with it on a casual day, or add a long sleeved silk shirt with a few ruffles for the occasional meeting with your boss.

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7. The classic button up

You could probably get a few nice button-up shirts in different colors and styles at all stages of your career. Mix and match with either a skirt or pants for an everyday business casual look. If you decide to wear a button up shirt with jeans, make sure you tuck it in for a more polished look.

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8. The checkered skirt and black long sleeves

Checkered skirts go great with a solid black, long-sleeve shirt. This is a great combination to add a bit of pattern into the office without being too distracting. Pair this look with a cute pair of knee-high boots or heels.

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9. The belted dress

The belted dress is another cute outfit that will look great both when you punch into the office and when you punch out. You will always look put together and ready to go with this outfit!

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10. Adding a scarf to your outfit

If you are already feeling quite confident and comfortable with your current outfit, but you still want to do something a little different than usual, try adding a scarf. Thankfully, they come all sorts of designs and material that you don’t need to wait until summer to wear one. It also comes in handy when the office air conditioning is on full blast.

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Which of these business casual outfits will you rock at your job this week? Comment below on which one is your favorite.

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