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10 Business Attire Looks That Are Stylish

Business attire looks can be hard to find if you want to look stylish and young, but professional and sophisticated at the same time. There is a fine line between looking inappropriate for work and wearing clothes for people of a different generation. Finding some business attire outfits in preparation for your next big job is something fun to get you excited about your new position. On top of that, having at least one or two business attire outfits in your closet prepared for interviews will be incredibly helpful and take a lot of stress away for those big days!

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1. Baby Blue Blazer And Slacks

Having an outfit of one full color and some neutrals to tone it down is perfect for a career woman. These baby blue blazer and slacks are a great way to incorporate some color into your outfit while still maintaining a professional appearance. Pairing it with some heels keeps it feminine while also staying classy! Any neutral tone underneath as your top and your shoes will make this outfit cohesive and perfect for work!

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2. Small Tie And Blazer

Incorporating a small tie into your outfit can be intimidating, but if done right, it is a great look for work. Pairing a small tie and a pink blazer and slacks creates a feminine yet sophisticated outfit that is perfect for the career woman. Black and white for the top and tie is perfect for keeping it prepared as business attire, but the fun colors really make it stylish.

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3. Pencil Skirt And Heels

If you aren’t big on wearing a lot of colors but want to spruce up your business attire outfits, finding a light color like this peach color is the best way to incorporate a little more color in your outfit. A striped top that gives off the appearance of a crop top without actually showing skin is the perfect pairing for a pencil skirt. Having a good combination of fitted and flowy pieces in your outfit is the key to making a cohesive outfit. A peach pencil skirt is business savvy while also keeping you looking age-appropriate and comfortable at your job all day.

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4. Mid-Length Patterned Skirt

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a mid-length skirt that looks young and stylish. The key to this problem is knowing how to style it properly. If you have a pattern on the top or bottom, you will need a solid color for the opposite. Then, have a high-waisted skirt that is fitted on the top and flowy at the bottom. Pairing it with heels will make it look younger immediately and add to the light-hearted aesthetic you are going for. Having a fitted top paired with it will keep this outfit looking young and ready for work!

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5. Black And White With Patterns

Everyone loves a good black and white outfit, but adding a few patterns in the look will make it more stylish while staying professional as well. Finding a pencil skirt that still looks young and stylish can be hard, so styling is key here. Some plaid or patterns will make this outfit look great while also staying professional. This black and white combination with a bit of pattern thrown in is a great way to style yourself for work.

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6. Neutral Matching Blazer And Slacks

If the baby blue was too much color for you, having a neutral-toned outfit that is very similar to it is the best way to go. Finding the right color to match your skin tone perfectly will be key to wearing neutrals to work. You can even pair it with a fun colored top underneath or some bright heels to make it more stylish!

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7. Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is one of those things that will never go out of style, contrary to popular belief. No matter what year it is, wearing cheetah print is always a great look, but you need to make sure not to go overboard with it. A black top with a cheetah print skirt is the perfect combination to keep it fun but not too bold for your workplace. Make sure only one part of your outfit has this print on it or it will be overbearing and will no longer have a professional look to it.

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8. Monochromatic Outfit

If skirts or blazers aren’t your style, there are many more ways to look professional and young at work. Having a monochromatic outfit like this one is perfect for staying stylish at work. Pairing two very similar tones together with a tucked-in top and some slacks is a great way to be comfortable all day. This is a great business attire look if your job is a little more laid back than others but still a professional setting.

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9. Plaid Blazer And Turtleneck

If you live in a colder climate, having a turtleneck and blazer combination is perfect for a business attire outfit. You can pair it with any type of pants you like, as long as they remain professional looking. A plaid blazer is perfect if you don’t like a lot of colors or patterns in your outfit, and you can wear it with just about any outfit you already have in your closet.

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10. Oversized Coat And Chunky Scarf

A great way to put together a fast yet stylish outfit is by wearing an oversized coat and a chunky scarf. What you’re wearing underneath matters of course, but not as much because the first thing they will see is this outfit. You can put just about any outfit we’ve mentioned already on underneath this and it will go great together!

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Which of these business attire looks will you be recreating? Let us know and share it with us in the comments below!

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