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Top 10 Burger Joints in Seattle

Top 10 Burger Joints in Seattle

With Seattle being as big of a city as it is, many food places help define the many neighborhoods of the evergreen city. Those places include, but are not limited to, one of America’s favorite foods: burgers. Here are the top 10 burger joints in Seattle to get a high-quality burger that gives the public their own little tastes of the Pacific Northwest.

Dick’s Drive-In

At the top of my list is the Seattle-based burger chain that’s brought joy in every bite since 1954, when the first one opened in the Wallingford area. Since then, they have opened five more restaurants in the greater Seattle area. When the hungry want to go out to eat, founder Dick Spady thought, they’re not always going to have time to sit down and wait to enjoy a meal. And other road-side diners were just too expensive. But, if you’re looking to quickly grab a bite, with food that’s always fresh, and very fast service, all at a very affordable price, then this joint is the place for you. It provides a simple, old-fashioned style menu, with quality beef that takes you one step closer to heaven.

Red Mill

Another burger joint in Seattle that gives off a more old-fashioned feel to their environment, Red Mill first opened in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1937, only to close 30 years later. The two current locations opened its doors in 1994 and 1998, in the Phinney Ridge and Interbay neighborhoods respectively. Upon opening its doors, Red Mill received an honorable mention in the category of “Best Burger” in the Seattle Weekly’s annual Best of Seattle issue. Since then, along with many other wins, it has taken home the best burger awards every year. And what tastes better than an award-winning burger?


Great State Burger

This next place is another splendid take on the classic hamburger, with local and organic ingredients that make Great State so, well, great. This is another chain, with five locations, that obviously takes pride in where they are located. Vendors such as Gebbers Cattle ranch in Brewster, WA provide this burger joint with their grass-fed and grass-finished beef raised stress-free. The other vendors that help support this business include Parfait Ice Cream in the Ballard neighborhood and the Seattle-based Theo Chocolate for their quality ice cream as well as their thick and creamy milkshakes.

Li’l Woody’s

This next chain of burger joints in Seattle surely doesn’t let you forget where you are, wooded interior, cartoony sasquatch mascot and all. This independent chain has four different locations (Capitol Hill, Ballard, South Lake Union, and White Center neighborhoods respectively), and is another place that is proud of the state it’s based from, with their burgers made from “Painted Hills grass-fed beef, our hand-cut fries come from Washington potatoes, our buns are handcrafted from Tacoma, and our shakes are made with Full Tilt ice cream.” It not only provides a warm and welcoming environment upon walking in, but they deliver as well! One of the many places delivered by Caviar, you don’t even have to leave your Airbnb to enjoy this taste of Seattle!

Top 10 Burger Joints in Seattle


Rain City Burgers

Located in the Roosevelt neighborhood, Rain City opened its doors in 2010 with “a mindset of serving an excellent burger using the freshest ingredients.” They provide a quality of burgers to the public including beef, chicken, salmon buffalo, as well as vegetarian options. Their masterpieces that give locals and visitors a taste of Seattle include the Mariners, Storm and Sounders burgers, as well as the Chicken Masala burger, and the Black Bean burger. With every bite taken, customers can surely taste the passion and quality RCB has provided for almost a decade.

Top 10 Burger Joints in Seattle

Wayward Cafe

Providing a more diverse option to this list, Wayward Café, located in the Roosevelt neighborhood, is one of the many vegan burger joints in Seattle. The menu includes bottomless coffee, plant-based appetizers, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a vast selection of burgers that make you forget that it’s not real meat! You can taste the love they put in the quality of dishes such as their BBQ Burger, making it one of the most beloved restaurants in the Seattle vegan community.


8oz Burger and Co.

Located in the Capitol Hill and Ballard areas, this next place brings even more flavor of deliciousness than ever imagined in the standard of their burgers. Flavors of zest, spice, and love have rocked the city of Seattle since 2011, packed with a bar, a rotating selection of local draft beers and over 50 choices of whiskey. Their objective is to capitalize on what a hamburger should look like, and most importantly, taste like. And they certainly don’t fail at that objective.

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Blue Moon Burgers

This next burger restaurant takes an interesting turn in terms of their advertising. Another local favorite, this place makes their burgers with premium Washington Black Angus Beef, as well as different beef substitutes and gluten-free options if necessary. Those options include, but are not limited to, their Impossible Burger. Established in 2005 with two locations, one in the Broadway neighborhood the other in West Seattle, this nifty local niche takes pride in being different, which is exactly what separates the city of, as well as other burger joints in Seattle.


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

This next place gives such a “Supermurgitroid” feel, I couldn’t help but write that sentence as I hung loose. Established in April of 1998 by owners Tim and Rich, the main focus of their fresh burgers, which are handcrafted daily, is quality. They even acknowledge that their burgers take time to perfect. But, once they bring out the final result, they do not disappoint their audience by any means.

Katsu Burger & Bar

This final one on the list is not your normal burger joint. And the owners make sure it stands out. Inspired by Japanese fusion, with five locations, two being in Bellevue and Lynnwood respectively, Katsu delivers their own taste, redefining the many burger joints in Seattle. What does Japanese fusion mean? They say “hand-formed, miso seasoned, Japanese breaded, American sized, and American fried goodness.  Take a bite, crunch into the golden brown crisp, and experience real tenderness.  That’s Katsu.  The love, and work behind the scenes.”

Top 10 Burger Joints in Seattle


Which of these burger joints in Seattle would you give a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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