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Amazing Bullet Journal Tips That Will Have You Organized In No Time

If you are new to the bullet journaling world, all you need to get started is a bullet journal and some fun, fine-point pens. There are endless options for how to use bullet journal tips,  so I have compiled a list with some ideas for you:


Bullet journals can double as a planner when you use it to create calendar that will allow you to keep track of important events and dates. There is a lot of flexibility with bullet journal tips, so you can set up the calendar to be organized monthly, weekly or daily.

To-Do list

One of the most common uses of the bullet journal are creating to-do lists because the blocks allow you to easily check off tasks as you complete them.Wish list

You can use the journal to compile lists of things you want to do, such as books to read, movies to watch, songs to listen to and TV shows to watch. If you are feeling creative, you can make the lists using fun formats such as drawing a bookshelf full of the books on your list. You can also create an actual wish list of things you want so you have some easy, go-to answers when someones asks what you want during the holiday season.


Grocery list

To ensure you don’t forget anything during your grocery haul, you can use the journal to make a grocery list so you can check off the items as you place them in your cart. If you don’t want to waste a new piece of paper each time you go to the store, you can just list the normal items that you buy each week. The journal also makes meal prepping much easier as you can list each ingredient you need for the meal.



Bullets journals are small and easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can jot down any inspirations or thoughts that come to you in the spur of the moment forming a continual list of creative ideas and inspiration.

Bucket list

A really fun use for the journal is to use it to write down your bucket list and check things off as you accomplish them!


The bullet journal can also function as a normal notebook allowing you to take notes for class or during meetings. The dotted structure of the book will help keep your notes neat and readable!


The journal can be used to track your spending, which allows you to see where all your money is going and help you budget. You can also use the journal to keep track of when bills are due. It is really helpful if you write the amount paid on each bill so you can recognize any abnormal spikes in bills.  


Bullet journals can also be used to encourage a healthy lifestyle by using the journal to track how much your exercise and what you’re eating!

Water intake

Drinking enough water is a huge part of staying healthy and this journal makes keeping track of your water intake super easy. A popular way to track this is by drawing a little water droplet or coloring a glass blue every time you drink 8 ounces of water.


Sleep trackers are essential for making sure you are getting enough sleep. You can keep track of the number of hours you are sleeping each night and you can also rate the quality of sleep you are getting.Fitness log

The bullet journal can be used to log your fitness routine including the amount of time you spent exercising, tracking classes you participated in or machines used.

See Also

    Food intake

If you are trying to eat healthier or improve your diet, you can log what you eat each day so you can make sure you’re eating enough vegetables and getting protein. 


You can use the bullet journal tips to keep track of your goals (fitness or just general) and help keep yourself accountable. 


Bullet journals have become popular tools to improve your mental health. Many people refer to mood tracking as “year in pixels”. You can color each day based on how you felt and you are able to see how your mood has changed over the year.

      Self care

You can also have this journal support a healthy mind by compiling a list of self care ideas that you can look at when you are needing some extra “me” time.

How would you like to use these bullet journal tips? Comment below!

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