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Bullet Journal Inspo For Your Organized Life

Bullet journals are one creative thing I love to work on that can help with organizing. This is almost like a personalized planner, where you can draw, keep up with dates, certain practice habits, and more. 

If you are having trouble coming up with page ideas for your bullet journals, take a look at these different sections and topics that you can use in your journal.

Mental Health Prompts 

1. Things You Can Control

This topic is a great reminder page for whenever you have those days of feeling out of control of your own life. Maybe you have had a stressful week, or your mental health is low for the day.

There are several things you can write. You can go through different feelings and moments in your life, or look at this list of examples.

You can control the following: 

‘What you talk about.’

‘Who you hang out with.’

‘How you spend your free time.’ 

These are just three examples of three things you can control. 

2. Boundaries I Need To Set

This is important, especially if you have difficulty setting and remembering boundaries. Setting boundaries is so important regarding your time, health, and more.

You can create your list by reviewing your different values and what you need to support those values. For example, “I value my well-being. So I need to say ‘no’ when it’s not a true ‘yes.’ And I will honor by staying true where there is external pressure.”

Take those boundaries and write down what you need and how it will benefit you. That way, you can always reflect on what you wrote if you need to remind yourself. Staying within your set boundaries is important to live a positive life.

3. Post-Therapy Notes

This can be so useful, especially after a therapy appointment where you are given helpful advice.

You can plan out your layout to include a ‘post-therapy notes page every time you have a therapy session. There are different ways to set up this page. 

Here is one example: 

You can include sections for summary, helpful stuff, tough stuff, and a part to remember for next time. You can make designs for your pages if you want them to reflect how you felt that day or something colorful to make you feel better. 

4. Self-Care Notes

Sometimes, getting that self-care in is easier by looking at a list of things you would like to accomplish. These can be things you want to attempt every day or every other day. 

You can create a simple list or draw logos matching the item. 

You can include a face mask, music, reading, reorganizing, workout, and so many more. You can also separate these into activities that last a short time or longer. 


5. Book Trackers

For a book tracker, this is great if you want to keep up with the number of books you have read in a year or throughout the length of when your journal lasts. 

You can do this in several ways, but one popular way is to draw a bookshelf with books. Each time you finish a book, you color in one of them, draw, and write the title. 

6. Book Ratings

This is another way of keeping up with your books, and you can combine it with the book tracker. After you finish a book, you can write your thoughts and give it a rating of five or ten stars. 

You can also write about if you recommend this book to anyone else.

7. Book Wish List

This is a great way of keeping track of all those books you want to buy in the future. You can write the book summary and mark it off when you buy the book. 

You can also create a book journal with the topics listed under this book section. 

See Also


8. Bill Tracker

A bill tracker is a great way to keep up with your monthly bills. You can set this up in your journal to show up monthly and design it, however. This topic is a great way to organize your life with a bullet journal. 

9. Debt Payoff

This is familiar to the bill tracker, but instead, have a page dedicated to different debts that need to be paid off. This can include credit cards, student loans, cars, and more.  

10. Savings

If you want to keep track of the money, you set aside, having a page dedicated to that is a great idea to stay organized and remember. Maybe you have a car you are saving up for or a big trip; you can design the page around that. 

You can draw something, like a jar or piggy bank, and track the dates and amount you set aside.


11. Social Media Passwords

With all the social media accounts we can create, it can be difficult to keep up with them after a while. It can be more difficult if you try to have different passwords for everything. You can create a page dedicated to this and design it in a fun way. You can draw the social media logo next to the login information.

12. Bill Passwords

This topic is similar to the previous one but with more vital information. You must create accounts for paying rent, electric bills, student loans, and more. With all of these different accounts, it is important to keep up with them by putting them somewhere you can always check. 

Some websites require lengthy passwords, which is important to write down if you have trouble remembering longer passwords. 

These are twelve topics that you can include in your bullet journal. 

These bullet journals are a great way of organizing your life and having important information close to you, as a journal is something you can place in your purse. A bullet journal is also a great place to do your journaling with pre-set topics to write about and important mental health topics to remember. 

Did you try any of these topics? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Lillian Nichols

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