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Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers

Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers

The boom that has occurred in the makeup industry has led to a lot of consumers wanting and craving the next best thing. Playing with makeup can be fun, but it can sometimes cost you a lot of money if you are not careful. This article will share some budgeting hacks for every makeup lover to try out.

1. Always Look for Dupes 

Following beauty content creators and certain makeup enthusiasts can really make you want to buy everything new and high-end, but that does not work for most of us. Many of those lovely people were gifted those products by the company to review and showcase them on their social media and/or YouTube channel. With that being said, you should always look for a cheaper alternative, or better known as, a dupe.

2. Sephora VIB Sale

If you really want an item that is available on Sephora, it is best to wait when there is a sale or around the holiday season. The Sephora VIB Sale is only accessible to those who are a rogue member. A rogue member is someone who has spent $1,000 in one year at Sephora. $1,000 is a lot, so this tip is definitely more helpful for the Sephora junkies out there. 

3. Check-in with Ulta sales

Ulta usually always has some kind of sale going on. There are many tips and tricks that you can find online to get the best out of shopping at Ulta. If you are not a part of the email notifications, then you really should. This is the best way to stay up to date on all the current sales. Ulta will sometimes have discounted prices on specific brands also. For example, in the past, they had a buy one, get one 50% off sale for all Maybelline products.  


4. Opt for DIY instead 

Keeping up with all aspects of beauty can be hard and taxing. Try to DIY when you can. For example, you can try making your own skincare face mask instead of purchasing them. You can use that money that you saved to buy more makeup if you want.

5. Have your Drugstore Holy Grail Stuff

Having a few products that are a go-to from the drugstore helps you not spend so much to wear makeup. We all love to splurge, but it is good to have drugstore favorites to lean on when you are in a bind. Once you find your favorite holy grail makeup products, you can purchase those in bulk to save even more.

Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers

6. Use Honey for coupon codes 

Honey is a browser extension that you can use on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to add coupon codes on your purchases made online. In the past, you would have to research and hunt for your own coupon code. Now you can leave all that work up to Honey. Honey uses a separate tab to find all the current coupon codes that you can use. 


Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers

7. Have a Minimalist Approach to your makeup 

Social media and other media outlets always convince us to consume, consume, consume. It moves customers to buy more makeup and beauty products. The best way to battle the need to buy reckless purchases is to start committing to a minimalist lifestyle when it comes to your beauty and makeup routine. This means making mindful and thought out purchases on their makeup products.

8. YT is your best friend

You should use YouTube to your advantage. YouTube has tons of videos called anti-hauls, where beauty gurus tell their audience certain things that they are not going to buy. This video concept originated from Kimberly Clark. Besides looking at anti-hauls, you can also look at makeup product reviews to gauge whether the product is really worth it or not.

9. Follow dupethat on Instagram 

dupethat is an Instagram account that showcases dupes for popular makeup products that are on the high-end. They also have a YouTube channel where they share more dupes, beauty news, and clothing hauls. 


10. Go to TJMaxx 

TJMaxx carries a lot of discounted makeup brands as well. It is a great spot for many bargain hunters because you never know what you will find there. The prices for these products are so low there because they are the overflow from the inventory at certain stores. For this reason, it is best to really check and make sure that the product is okay and safe to use, like the seal is still intact and the products are unopened).

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11. Use apps like Glambot 

Glambot is another place to buy discounted makeup, but it is just online. Glambot sells and sanitizes lightly used makeup. They have a variety of brands on their website, from drugstore to high-end. They gather their products from other customers who have makeup that is just sitting around collecting dust. For the safety of their customers, they have their own little sticker on all the products they resell, so their customers will know that it has been properly sanitized and unopened afterward.

12. Check out sales in CVS 

CVS is another great store, like Ulta that has pretty good sales on their makeup products. To not miss out on these great sales, download their mobile app on your phone and check every now and then. You can also sign up for their email list to see what kind of coupon you have can get. You can also try shopping online with them if going to the store is too much trouble for you. 


13. Always ask for a sample 

When you can, you should always for samples to things out before making a big purchase. If you are looking for a good foundation, use the Sephora store near you to try them out. When you make a purchase large purchase online, you also use that opportunity to select samples of things that you have been meaning to try out but don’t want to spend money. 

Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers

14. Splurge only on what you need 

When you get very good at makeup, you may find that there are certain things that you cannot cut costs on. This is different for every person, for example, if you have problem skin, you may see a reason to spend more on your foundation and skincare versus eyeshadows and lipsticks. It is okay to splurge on things that could really improve your skin overall, but you shouldn’t have to do that for your whole face.

Budgeting Hacks for Makeup Lovers


What budgeting hacks do you use to satisfy all your makeup needs? 

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