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10 Budgeting Apps To Make Your Life Easier

10 Budgeting Apps To Make Your Life Easier

From shopping to eating out to traveling to paying for college, life can get expensive. Learning to budget, save, and plan how you’re going to spend your money is such an important skill to master early on, and luckily technology has made budgeting easier than ever before! There’s an app for everything nowadays, and budgeting your money is no exception. Whether you’re looking to improve your spending habits, save more, or manage your money in a more efficient way, check out this list of 10 budgeting apps that will be sure to make your life so much easier.

1. Mint

Mint has been around for a while, but their methods and layouts have greatly improved. And the best part? It’s completely free! Download to your laptop, tablet, or iphone, and take advantage of all the things their software has to offer. Their dashboard is simpler than ever to use and allows you to manage and monitor your budget, transactions, bill due dates, and investments. All in one app, keep track of your credit score and work on building it, create and track financial goals, and apply for credit cards, personal and student loans, and even life insurance! This app has it all, and all for free! What are you waiting for?


The second budgeting app on the list and one which is often compared to Mint is YNAB, which is more of a financial commitment costing $11.99 a month, but a great investment and financial decision in itself. YNAB’s award-winning software and proven method of financial management can help you overcome debt, save money, and stop living paycheck to paycheck. With a YNAB membership you’ll be able to sync your budget with your partner to work together in achieving your goals, and create reports tracking your spending and progress in becoming debt-free and on your way to financial greatness. 


3. Honeyfi

Honeyfi is the perfect app for couples or partners who can never seem to get on the same page money-wise. With Honeyfi, you and your partner can save money, become debt-free, and get ahead financially. Using Honeyfi’s amazing array of resources and tools, you can choose which bank accounts to connect and share, what income goes where, and how to spend responsibly and in a way that works for you. Honeyfi is $59.99 a year, but don’t worry, you’re making a great investment! On average, couples save $700 their first month of using the app! So grab your partner and get to downloading!

4. Tally

This free app is the first automatic debt counter and manager created for your personal device. Tally allows you to manage all of your credit and debit cards in one place, create a plan to reduce and eliminate debt, remind you when payments are due to prevent late fee charges, and save money on interest rates. Drop that student loan debt and get back on track– and do it all for free and through your iphone!

5. Charlie

Okay but who wouldn’t want a cute little penguin as their virtual financial advisor?! Charlie is hands-down the cutest way to manage your money, and when you download the free app, you’ll be connected with your very own Charlie the financial genius penguin who will help you with all of your financial needs. Charlie can help you to reduce your bills, avoid extra charges and fees, track your spending habits, and create a savings plan that is just right for you! Your financial worries are on their way out. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. 


6. Acorns

For only $1 a month (that’s right! $1 a month!) you can start investing your money and investing into your future. By connecting your bank accounts to acorn, the app will invest your spare change so you can get ahead in your retirement savings. Acorns will also help you save for retirement by recommending an IRA plan that’s perfect for you. This app is literally nuts!

7. Truebill

Truebill is the perfect choice for you if you’re in search of a free budgeting app to monitor spending and make smart financial decisions. Truebill will help you manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, get you refunds for unnecessary fees, and give you a clearer picture of your current financial situation and how you should move forward to meet your goals. 

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8. Trim Financial 

Another savings app, quite similar to Truebill, Trim Financial’s goal is to help you make smarter financial decisions. Trim will allow you to find lower prices for your monthly expenses such as WiFi, cable, cell phone bills, etc., help you to identify and cancel unused and unnecessary subscriptions, lower your monthly bank fees, automatically move money to your savings account, and plan for emergencies and medical necessities. And get this, Trim has saved its users over $40 million! That’s insane! Download the free app or join their premium plan for $99 a year. 

9. Everydollar

Everydollar is your one-stop solution to all of your financial worries and problems. With this free app you can set financial goals, track your spending and make sure you’re staying within your budget, and create a plan for saving more and spending less. 

10. Personal Capital

Last on our list is Personal Capital, the free app that allows you to assess your income and expenses, calculate your net worth, and create a savings and retirement plan. And the best part? It’s completely free!


Setting financial goals and sticking to them doesn’t have to be as awful as it sounds! With the help of an efficient and well designed budgeting app, you can meet all your financial goals without feeling like you’re losing out on the things you enjoy in life. Find an app that’s right for you and your needs and stick to it– you’re wallet will thank you!

Which budgeting apps are you most excited to try? Have you tried any budgeting apps that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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