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10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break

10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break

Add a sparkle to break with some budget worthy places to travel to. Just because your bank may be short on cash, doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Budget worthy places can help take a dull spring break up a notch. Just because you can’t afford a luxury cruise doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on break. Here we have 10 budget worthy places to explore for spring break.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With over 60 miles of coastline, this beach destination might be the perfect get away on a budget. Just be careful with amusement parks, live performances, and more the price in this tourist town can break your bank if your not cautious.

2. Cancun, Mexico

You might be thinking that this couldn’t be affordable by any means, but you would be wrong. Round trip tickets could cost a possible $482 dollars if you buy from the right airline. For a whole week packed of live music performances, cheap hotels, and beach side babes this might be the year to save up.


3. New York, New York

Book an airplane ticket to the city where night life was invented for only $225. While there you can enjoy Central Park, and at night the endless amount of clubs the city has to offer. This could be the year you and your friends actually do something you can afford.

10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break

4. Palm Springs, California

Pack the beach towels, and drinks because its time to have some fun in the sun. Enjoy walking along side beach front stores, or riding horses in this resort town getaway. Its no wonder this place is one of our budget worthy places.


5. Puerto Rico

With the legal age to drink being 18 , and airfare being $263 on average.Its not a surprise that Puerto Rico,ranks so high on budget worthy places to go on spring break.

10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break

6. Daytona Beach, Florida

Have fun taking surfing and jet skiing lessons during the day, and partying in beach side clubs at night.


7. Los Angeles, California

Enjoy the cities treasures like the Museum of Art, or the famous Rain Room. Anywhere you go your friends will be sure to turn green with envy over your Instagram posts. P.S if you have some money left over make sure to hit up hollywood.

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10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break


8. Nigara Falls

Instead of suffering from the heat, head north to enjoy a soothing cool spring break. While there make sure to stop and see the niagara falls tulips which only happen in spring. Also make sure to pack a rain jacket when standing close to the falls on any boat you might take.

9. Chicago, Illinois

With the weather warming up in spring this is one of many budget worthy places to hit on spring break. After eating some fresh deep dish pizza, walk it off by exploring some concrete jungle parks. You’re stomach will thank you later.

10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break


10. Nashville, Tennessee

With the streets full of sweet southern tunes its hard not to fall in love with this city. Spend the day drinking some sweet tea, and fill your nights will some local friendly bars. Your bank account will thank you for this trip.

It might not be the virgin islands but these budget worthy places will make your spring break one to remember. Which budget worthy places will you travel to this spring? Tell us in the comments!
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