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12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

Summer is a great time to try new date ideas with your significant other. There are a ton of opportunities to spend time with your partner that are exclusive to the summer. 

But going out on dates all the time can get expensive. Luckily, there are dates that you and your partner can go on together that don’t require spending a ton of money. This way, you can focus on spending time with each other without having to worry as much about budgeting. 

Here are 12 ideas for budget friendly summer dates!

1. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a good summer date idea if you’re looking for an active date. A lot of mini golf courses have fun themes for you and your partner to enjoy. 

It’s also a good idea if you and your partner are the competitive type. Add some stakes to your mini golf date by deciding that the loser has to buy ice cream for dessert afterwards. It’s a good change of pace if most of your dates are passive things like going to the movies. 

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

2. Brunch Date At Home

Brunch dates are a fun way to spend time with your partner, but going out for brunch at a restaurant can get expensive. A way to work around that is to make brunch at home. 

Look online for brunch recipe ideas then head to the store together to get the ingredients you need. Take your brunch date to the next level with accessories like candles or a nice tablecloth. 

Cooking with your significant other is a unique way to spend time with them. It also gives you the chance to try new food options that you might not get the opportunity to try otherwise. A brunch date is a change from other summer dates that traditionally happen at night. 

3. Book Store or Library Date

Here’s a good option if you or your partner are a bookworm. You can spend hours in a local library or independent bookstores just browsing the shelves looking at books.

Pick a book for your partner that you think they’d like and have them do the same for you. Finish the date off with a trip to a local coffee shop. 

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

4. Beach Day

The date at the beach is a great way to get outside and get some sun with your partner. Go to a nearby beach for the day or even for a weekend with your partner for a nice getaway. 

If you go to a beach with a boardwalk, save up your quarters and take a trip down to the arcade when you’re done on the beach for the day. Finish off the day with a boardwalk dessert like ice cream or funnel cake. 

5. Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies are a summer staple. Some places still have actual drive-in theaters up and running, but there are also some places that will do pop up drive-in movies.

Going to a drive-in movie adds a fun twist to the typical movie night, plus there are many instances where drive-in movies will cost less than a trip to the movies. If the drive-in theater doesn’t have a “no outside food” policy, you can get creative with your movie snacks while also saving money. Stop at a local convenience store to pick up some snacks or make some snacks at home. 

6. Stargazing

Here’s a good option if you’re looking for a late night summer adventure. Do some research on some peak stargazing destinations nearby.

The best time to stargaze is late at night, so pack some late night snacks for a nice romantic evening with your partner. Bring some blankets and pillows so you can cuddle up and get comfy while you look at the stars. 

7. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get outside and get moving with your partner. Find some fun new places to hike and experience nature. 

Pack a picnic and turn your hiking outing into a low-cost lunch date in a picturesque location. It’s a great way to spend time with your partner if you’re an outdoorsy kind of couple. 

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

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8. Pick Your Own Fruit

Certain areas of the country are home to independently owned family farms where you can go pick fruit seasonally, like cherries or strawberries. This can make a fun and unique date if you’re looking for different ways to spend time with your partner. As a bonus, it make can be a super cute photo opportunity. 

You can also use the fruit you pick to make some home made desserts, like pies or tarts. 

9. Bonfire 

Nothing says summer quite like a bonfire. Buy some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and make some homemade s’mores. Invite your friends over if you’re looking for a group date night activity. 

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

10. Museum 

Museum dates are great for the summer because it allows you get out of the house while also giving you a way to beat the heat. There are also plenty of museum options that you can get in for relatively cheap, especially if you’re a student. 

12 Budget Friendly Summer Dates

11.Workout Class

Here’s a good option if you and your partner spend a lot of time at the gym. There are a lot of outdoor workout class options for you and your partner to take advantage of if you’re looking to spend time together while also working up a sweat. 

Find a yoga class on the beach or an outdoor fitness class in a local park. Check websites like Groupon to find classes and save money. 

12. Night In

At the end of the day, dates are about spending time with your partner, and you don’t always need to go out to do it. Nights in can make great dates, especially if you’re looking to save money. 

Have a movie night or binge watch a show on Netflix. Work on a puzzle together. Break out some board games. There are endless ways to spend time with your partner without even leaving the house. 

What are your favorite summer dates? Let us know in the comments!

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