Budget Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

Looking for new restaurants in Chicago to try? I've eaten at restaurants all over Chicago to hunt down the best ones.

There are so many great restaurants in Chicago, so it’s difficult to narrow down your choices.  I’ve collected my top ten budget-friendly restaurants in Chicago that I visited while I attended Loyola. They’re all great but my all time favorites are Beard and Belly, Flaco’s Tacos, and Epic Burger.

1. Beard And Belly (Long Room Bar and Grill)

Beard and Belly is a hamburger joint located inside Long Room Bar. You order your burgers at a little window and then grab a drink while you wait. The bar area has great ambiance and coupled with the best burger you’ll ever eat, its a must go for anyone visiting Chicago.

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2. Jim and Pete’s

This classic family restaurant was introduced to me by my dad who went there when he was younger. Besides the family history, the food is great! It’s located just outside Chicago in Elmwood Park. If you’re looking for restaurants in Chicago and have a taste for a great beef sandwich and friendly staff, you should check out Jim and Pete’s.

3. Portillo’s

There are not enough words to describe the deliciousness of Portillo’s but I will give you some anyway. Most locations have the convenience of a drive-in fast food joint and all have sit in restaurant quality Italian food. I love going there whenever I need something quick (although the mile-long car line defeats the purpose). The staff is great and so is the food. But what makes it stand out from other Italian places is its affordability. This is one of the most iconic restaurants in Chicago.

4. UNO

Arguably the best deep dish pizza you’ll ever eat. If you’re visiting and have never tried deep dish pizza, this is one of the best restaurants in Chicago to go to. There are a few locations in the Chicago area, but the best one is located in downtown Chicago. They have other options besides deep dish but be warned, you’ll be hardcore judged if you pick something else.

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5. Eataly

Ok, ok this isn’t exactly budget friendly. But it is totally worth going. It’s set up like a market entirely devoted to Italian cuisine, and there are tons of options. They changed up their selections regularly so there’s always something new to try every time you go.

Budget Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

6. Flaco’s Tacos

If you like authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price, you should check out Flaco’s Tacos. There are locations all over Chicago but the one I frequent is in Rogers Park, near Loyola. It’s a cute little hole in the wall that is always packed and for good reason. Come by to find out why.

Budget Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

7. Epic Burger

Epic Burger is great because they pride themselves in the ingredients they use and you always know it’s fresh. They have a few locations but I like the one on Madison Avenue best. Their prices are super affordable as well.

Budget Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

8. Milos Pita

Another Rogers Park favorite, Milo’s Pita serves low-cost Mediterranean food. It’s another hole in the wall and totally worth finding. They sell pita wraps and the best hummus I’ve ever eaten. If you’re in the area and want to try something new, come to Milos Pita!

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9. Maggianos

Maggianos is a great place to go on date night. They have a romantic ambiance outside and a family vibe inside the restaurant. Most of their items aren’t too expensive and they give you big portions that are well worth your money.

Budget Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

10. Enzo Sushi And Bar

If you like sushi and are looking for new restaurants in Chicago, you should try Enzo’s. The restaurant is nicely set up and the food is good. If your date likes sushi bring them here.

Which restaurant do you want to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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