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Budget-friendly activities to do with your friends

Need some ideas that are budget-friendly to do with your friends? Here are some ideas!



Get some canvas and start being creative! Painting is an easy and cost effective way to do something with your friends that will have you all involved and on the edge of your seat. You can turn it into a contest and see who can come up with the best idea. You can also follow along with a youtube tutorial if you all want to paint the same thing. You can play music in the background and get some snacks and have it be an entire event. The paint can also be kept for the next time you want to do it. If you don’t want to purchase canvas you can also just do it on printer paper, mugs, t-shirts, there are so many options.


Board Games

Time to let the competition begin! There are so many board games to choose from that everyone will love. This is an idea that can be decided last minute if you have plans that come up without much time. You can also play card games or Twister, if that is more of your group’s thing. It also is nostalgic to childhood and the games we used to play as kids. If one of you also already owns a board game, you don’t have to purchase anything new. There are also games to be played on the phone, such as uno or you can download an app like heads up.


The park is a way to get out of the house without paying a dime. There are so many great parks out there that you can research and travel to if you want to go to a new one. You can walk around, have a picnic, play basketball, the ideas are limitless. It also is nice to be out in nature and spend quality time with your friends. You can even go to a national park, if you want to go to a park with more animals and flowers there. It is also a fun day trip to discover more about the history and place.


Thrifting is an adventure on its own. You can go from store to store and discover new items. You can imagine what outfits you want to put together and you can customize it to your own liking. I’ve cropped and changed pieces I’ve gotten thrifting. It is fun to be able to find clothes you wouldn’t typically find in stores. You also have people with you to help you pick out outfits and decide what to keep. It is nice having a friend that can bring you an item they think will look good on you. It is also a chance to visit a new cafe or bookstore, because you are all already out the house.

Movie marathon

Who doesn’t love a good movie? There are so many options to choose from, you can have a horror film night, an 80s film night, a comedy night, whatever you and your friends decide! It is completely free and you don’t have to go anywhere. You can get some fluffy blankets and popcorn and have an eventful night. It is also a nice way to end a tough school or work day. You can also switch off picking what movies to watch, especially if you are like my friends who can never decide anything. You can also go out to a movie theater, if you want to go out and spend a little bit. It is nice to get an entire experience and be able to dress up.




Find a cute trail or mountain nearby you can go for a hike on! Getting some fresh air and sunlight with your friends will create memories and keep you active. It is also an opportunity to get some photos for Instagram and look at the beautiful outdoors. You can also go during the sunrise or sunset if you want to soak in the beauty of the day. You can also get food together after going out or have a picnic. If one of you has a pet you can also bring them if they enjoy longer walks.

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Make funny videos

Making videos that you can look back and laugh at is entertaining and fun! You can make fake music videos, Tiktoks, Youtube videos, whatever you want! It is a chance to bring out your silly side and get closer to your friends. You don’t even have to post the video, you can keep it for yourselves. You can dress up in silly costumes or do crazy makeup if you want to go full out. You can also do a popular challenge or dance routine if you want a more structured video.

Go camping

Take a trip to the outdoors with your friends! Set up a tent even if it’s in your own backyards! You can have some s’mores, even if you just make them in the microwave. Sing some songs and tell some stories, it will be a great bonding experience. You can also go to a campground and make a whole weekend out of it. You can have campfires, go swimming, bike riding, fishing, etc. It is also a way to connect with nature on a deeper level. You can also have BBQ from a grill or roast it over the fire.

Fruit picking

Depending on what season it is, there are tons of options to pick fruit. Apple picking is a great option in the colder months, especially for caramel apples. It is also a place to take pictures and enjoy a special moment with your friends. If it is warmer, you can go blueberry picking and create a pie or put it in smoothies. You can soak in the sun and walk around outside. You can also decorate cute baskets together to bring with you. You can also go with a brand new recipe, by looking online or in a cookbook.

What do you like to do with your friends? Comment down below!

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