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Budget Buys That Will Improve The Vibe Of Your Room

Budget Buys That Will Improve The Vibe Of Your Room

Budget Buys That Will Improve The Vibe Of Your Room

These budget buys will transform the vibe of your room. By vibe I mean atmosphere, energy, and feeling of your private space. Changing the vibe, like moving furniture around to change the feng shui of a room, may help you think more clearly, get out of ruts, or just enjoy spending time in the space more. If you are setting up a new space like a dorm or an apartment you have just moved into, these budget buys will help you start off on the right foot.


Essential oil diffusers are one of the best ways to keep a room smelling nice. For the most part, room sprays, plug-in air fresheners, scented candles, and candle warmers are scented with artificial ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. While you may not sneeze, get headaches, and break out in hives, it is unnecessary to breathe in these ingredients. Now that these aromatherapy diffusers are readily available, we are able to scent rooms with essential oils without burning them in oil warmers. These essential oil diffusers create a scented mist with just water and a few drops of essential oil. The mist is cool so there is no chance of the oils being damaged by heat and the essential oils are not scented artificially which lowers the chances of getting allergic reactions from smelling them. In fact, the smell of many different essential oils are supposed to have positive effects such as improving mental clarity, boosting energy, and helping people relax.

While stores like Muji and Sage sell these essential oil diffusers in nice shops that smell amazing, you can order much cheaper versions of these diffusers on Amazon in the comfort of your (since you are ordering this, probably average smelling) room. These budget buys work wonderfully and even come in multi-packs if you are wanting to share with friends and family or to put them in different spots around the house.

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The textures in a room are important for stimulating or soothing your senses. While some textures are undetectable to the eye, they will serve the important role of stimulating your sense of touch. Other textures may be more stimulating to the eye than your sense of touch so it is important to have a balanced mix in your space. For a room that is meant to be a space of relaxation, choose objects with soothing textures. Velveteen throws, faux sheepskin rugs, and suede effect curtains might be hard to clean but they will make your room feel like a warm cuddly hug every evening. If you want to make your room more stimulating, consider materials like faux patent leather, lucite, and crystals. These pieces will make your room sparkle with excitement and awaken your senses with its energetic vibe.

Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystal or not, you will have to admit that crystals look pretty cool. With the range of shapes, you will be able to find soothing round crystal chunks as well as stimulating spiky pieces. You can buy these online through Etsy or Indigo, but if you are able to find one in store, you will have the added benefit of personally choosing the crystal you like. As they are natural formations, each one will have its unique shape and cracks.

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For something that will transform the way your room works, it is important to have something that is visible from anywhere in your room. The paint colour you choose plays a big part in determining the vibe of your room but some less permanent ways to transform the look of the space is to use wall hangings. Tapestries, posters, paintings, and photographs will be there for you to see when you wake up in the morning. Choose something that inspires you, gets creative juices flowing, or boosts your mood. If you find something that checks all of these boxes, it will be a worthwhile investment even at a higher price point.

If you are looking for a budget buy, do some digging around for the perfect tapestry. These perform well as wall hangings and there are many designs to choose from. Images include tropical scenes, photographs, illustrations, and patterns.

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*Budget Buys That Will Improve The Vibe Of Your Room


Music plays a big part in transforming the vibe of a room so find a pair of speakers to keep in the house. It does not have to be Bluetooth but having this function gives you the freedom to take it out on road trips and beach days if you so choose. With a touch of a button, you can transform the room from being a tranquil spot for unwinding to a venue for a high energy dance party.

Bluetooth speakers are available as budget buys from many retailers so if you are not super picky about audio performance, you can pick up a pair for rock bottom prices. For home speakers that are good value, check out these Sony ones that are under $35.

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When planning a vibe transformation for your room, go through the five senses. Here, I have decided to skip taste because I personally believe that a vibe of a room is better maintained without the presence of food. More often than not, a steaming plate of garlic bread will overpower the relaxing smell coming from your essential oil diffuser. Besides the taste element, the senses and budget buys listed above can act as a guide for improving the vibe of your room. If you like, you can always bring food into your room to complete the final sense of taste.

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