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The Broke Girl’s Guide To Shay Mitchell’s Style

Shay Mitchell is always the epitome of classy glam, whether she’s starring in Pretty Little Liars or kicking it poolside. However, being the broke college girls that we are, most of us probably can’t afford Shay’s closet. BUT, we can certainly use her wardrobe as a wealth of fashion inspiration. Here’s the broke girl’s guide to Shay Mitchell’s style!

Classy in Black

dress / necklace / boots / bag

Shay understands one of the leading rules of fashion: black is the new black. Black is Shay’s go-to color to look sophisticated, sexy, and sassy, so take note. You honestly can’t go wrong with this hue, and Shay Mitchell’s style proves that. Pair a simple black tee-shirt dress with a pair of black booties, black bag, and finish it off with a bold, statement necklace.

Swimmingly Chic

bathing suit

While Shay has been seen wearing a wide range of colorful bikinis, she debunks the myth that only bikinis are sexy by bringing the one-piece swimsuit to the spotlight. Lucky for us, many affordable brands have come out with similar options.

Sassy Romp

romper / hat / sandals

Nobody wears a romper better than Shay. The right romper can turn any girl’s style from boring to unbelievably cute. Mimic Shay Mitchell’s style and complete the romper look with a wide-brim straw hat and classy sandals.

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Edgy in Denim

shorts / top / sunglasses

With spring in full bloom, and summer right around the corner, Shay’s taste for wearing denim cutoff shorts is a good look to imitate — you’ll keep cool and stylish. If you’re really going for the Shay Mitchell’s style, stick to the high rise variety…especially if you’re pairing them with a crop top!

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