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The Broke Girl’s Guide To Kate Middleton’s Style

The Broke Girl’s Guide To Kate Middleton’s Style

For years, Kate Middleton has captured the attention of the world…and not just because of her royal status. This gorgeous lady has left the world enamored with her stunningly classic sense of style. Style gurus and fashion lovers alike are treated to images of swirling dresses, classic silhouettes, and perfect hair when it comes to Kate Middleton’s style. Picture after picture we begin to wonder if her regal sense of style could ever mesh with out own. We don’t walk down red carpets and dine with the queen…we walk on communal bathroom floors and eat expired Ramen; a reality that might make it harder to pull off gorgeous looks.

Realistically, we probably won’t be pulling off her infamous blowout after a late-night cram sesh, or those delicate pastel hats at a frat party. While we may not have designers falling on their knees to dress us (or the royal checkbook) we can still add a dash of Kate and a pinch of royalty into our wardrobes. Stock your closet with these 5 must haves to achieve Kate Middleton’s style and the only other thing you’ll need is a dashing prince. (But preferably one with better hair.)

1. A Classic Blazer

A blazer is one of the most versatile items to add to your wardrobe and essential to achieve Kate Middleton’s style. Throw it on over jeans and a t-shirt to formalize your look. Button downs and shift dresses are also blazer-friendly. My pick is the J. Crew Factory Keating Blazer in navy, but Forever 21 offers options at even more affordable prices.

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2. A Shirt Dress

Kate is a huge fan of this silhouette – for good reason. The A-Line skirt skims the hips and nips in at the waist. My favorite is her yellow shirt dress ensemble that you can replicate in a mustard hue, with this shirt dress from Modcloth. Kate plays up this style by sporting patterns, like houndstooth. A cute (and affordable) striped option can be found here. and

3. A Striped Shirt

A striped shirt is a classic piece that is easy to style. This is Kate’s go-to casual look. You could throw on your blazer over it, add a bright necklace, or keep it as is. You can’t go wrong! I think J. Crew offers the best options for this style!



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4. Colorful Pants

Red, Blue, Green – Kate has worn it all. Instead of reaching for your standard blue denim, add a splash of color. Kate’s style is classic, but she isn’t afraid of trying something different. J. Crew Factory hits the nail on the head (yet again) with these pink jeans, while JCPenney offers a great pair in royal blue.

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5. Confidence & Grace

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but there is only one thing needed to be like Kate Middleton – a sense of self-assurance and confidence. And best of all…it’s priceless! Carry yourself like you are a princess and the rest will follow.

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