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Broadway Shows To See If You Are In New York City

Broadway Shows To See If You Are In New York City

New York City is a hub for a lot of arts and culture. It is one of the many reasons why millions of people visit this city every year. There is a lot to do in NYC, but one of the most important activities to do is buying a ticket to see a Broadway show. The theatre scene in New York city is unlike any other place in the world. Hundreds of legendary plays and musicals have premiered on Broadway and have captured the attention of millions of audience members. It is something that you need to check out in New York City so that you can be transferred to a new entertaining world. You probably will not have the time to see all of the current running Broadway shows, and even if you do that would probably be too much of an overload. You are going to have to pick and choose which shows you want to see, so research is essential. The thing about Broadway is that musicals usually last many years, but plays will often be gone very quickly. So if you are planning ahead it’s smart to take a closer look at the musicals playing. These are some of the best musicals playing at the moment, and they are shows that you should definitely check out.

A Strange Loop

1. A Strange Loop

Broadway’s newest hit is a show that should be on top of your list. A Strange Loop won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 2021. In 2022, it is nominated for the most Tony awards of the year. This musical is about a black queer man named Usher who works as an usher but wants to be a playwright. It is filled with creative songs and thought provoking concepts. It is a musical for the people of today and most people can find something about it to be relatable. There is incredible talent found in this show and terrific songs. It is the hot button musical at the moment which means that tickets will be going fast. Make sure to purchase tickets so you get the chance to see this one of a kind show.


2. Six

Have you ever wanted a show that educates you while also expressing girl power? Well then Six is the musical for you. This show tells the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII. We get to hear their sides and how they all had difficult experiences being married to the king. It is told like a concert with each queen singing a solo song to the audience. The gorgeous colorful costumes are the cherry on top. It is an exhilarating experience, especially because of the bright lights. All of the songs are memorable and you will be singing them as you leave the theater. It is only ninety minutes so this will not take up too much of your day, but it will still leave an impact. You should definitely see this show if you want to have a fun and electric time.


Come From Away

3. Come From Away

Sometimes, musicals can be incredibly heartwarming and stay on your mind for a while. Come From Away is one of those musicals. This takes place on September 11, 2001 in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. After the historic events of that day, planes are redirected to this small town and people from different lives interact and learn about each other. The musical is based on a true story and that makes the show even more powerful. This is an ensemble show which means that everyone gets a moment to shine. This musical will tug at your heart strings and make you think about the people around you. Not to mention, the songs are all very well written and beautiful. The show is sung through, and the songs live up to that challenge. It is a show for people of all ages and all backgrounds, so you have no excuse for not seeing this musical.

Dear Evan Hansen

4. Dear Evan Hansen

Being a teenager is hard, and this is a story that shows how hard it can get. Dear Evan Hansen explores mental health in youth in an absolutely gorgeous way. The titular character does not really have friends and blends into the crowd. When a classmate of his takes his own life, it causes Evan to be a whole new person, based on a lie that he tells. Evan is facing some inner demons and he has to think about whether or not this is the life that is meant for him. While the movie adaptation of this musical did not do very well, this is a wonderful Broadway show to see on a stage. The story is captivating and the songs are extremely well made. You will not be able to get your eyes off of this show until the end. This is a musical that will stay in your mind due to how this show portrays teenage depression and you will think about each characters’ complexities. Try to find time to see it so that you can have a great time while also feeling some deep emotions.


5. Hamilton

If you know even a little bit about modern musicals, I’m sure you have heard about this hip hop history musical. Written by Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers. This story is told through rap in some of the liveliest songs on Broadway. It holds the record for the most Tony nominations and for good reasons. It is a thrilling show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It shows the beauty of modern Broadway while also teaching important history. Even if you are not from America, you will still be entertained by this show. From battles to beats, this musical has everything so you better buy a ticket soon.

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The Book of Mormon

6. The Book of Mormon

Maybe a musical that makes you laugh until there are tears in your eyes is what you want. The Book of Mormon is a comedic musical that is willing to go over the top. It follows two Mormon missionaries who are sent to Uganda and they have to figure out how to convert people. They learn lessons about different cultures and friendship. This is not a show meant for small children as a lot of the jokes are wildly inappropriate. You should also make sure your seeing this show with someone who has a kind of dark sense of humor. The musical also has very catchy songs that are both funny and show off the actors’ talents.  It has been on Broadway for a while now, which just shows its success, so you better see if it lives up to its reputation of hilarity.


7. Beetlejuice

How about a scarily fun time at a Broadway show? Based on the classic comedy film, Beetlejuice has proven itself to be a success in the theater. This tale is about a recently deceased couple and a demon named Beetlejuice that inhabit a house, and the new girl that just moved into the house. It is a full on comedy that is a great time for the whole family. It also has some interesting songs that are catchy enough for you to be whistling them without thinking. The title character is a real crowd pleaser that fills the show with energy. The bright color and zany characters will make this show unforgettable. It is hard to adapt a well known movie into a musical, but it is safe to say that the writers of this musical did a delightful job with the source material


Moulin Rouge

8. Moulin Rouge

This musical will captivate you just as much as the original film. Moulin Rouge is based on the musical film, but with some modern updates. This is a love story about Christian, a composer, and Satine, an actress. They come from different worlds, but we will see if love conquers all. This is a jukebox musical, which means that all of the songs have been previously written, and maybe you have heard of them before. This was the case for the original film as well, but that came out twenty years ago. The songs in this show are the hits of today, so you know that you will be dancing in your seat wanting to sing along. There is also spectacular choreography, fit for the cabaret club setting. The story is beautiful as it is a story of love, hope, and courage and you will be glue to your chair. Seeing this show would definitely be an enjoyable and joyful time, so try to buy tickets for this modern musical masterpiece.