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What To Bring And What NOT To Bring To ESU

What To Bring And What NOT To Bring To ESU

1. Do not bring alcohol. Bring healthy alternatives, like water or juice.

There’s no point in bringing alcohol to ESU, because we’re a dry campus in a dry state, and you will be looking at massive trouble if you get caught. You are just putting yourself at risk of getting in trouble.

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2. Do not bring candles. Bring air fresheners.

Candles are a fire hazard and ESU does not allow them at all. Stick to a simple air freshener, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow a candle out.

3. You do not need a mop. Try just a broom.

You will not need to bring mops that will only take up space. The custodians in your building have mops you can use, if you need. However, definitely bring a broom so you can sweep up any messes in your room.


4. You do not need pots and pans. Just make sure you have a microwave and plates handy.

Your dorm room does not come with a stove, so you will not need pots or pans. Your residence hall does have a kitchen in it, but it should have pans already. Instead, bring a microwave and paper plates for when you need to heat something up quickly.

5. Do not bring an air mattress. Bring a foam topper.

If you are having a guest stay, you might want them to use an air mattress to sleep on the floor, but there – more than likely – will not be enough room. Instead, bring a foam topper for your bed so it’s more comfy, and if you have a guest, you can comfortably share the bed.

6. Window AC units aren’t needed. A fan is just enough to bring to ESU.

Window AC units are not allowed, unless you have a medical reason. Instead, just bring fans for your room if it gets too hot.


7. You will not need to bring a modem. Bring an Ethernet cable.

ESU’s internet is not the most reliable at times, but they also do not want you bringing your own modem either. Instead, bring an Ethernet cable and connect directly to the internet.

8. Do not bring a futon. Bring a small bean bag chair.

We all want to have friends over in our dorm room, but there certainly is not enough room to put a futon for them to stay on (trust me, I’ve heard stories of people doing this). Just have a bean bag chair on hand for someone to sit on, and others can sit on your desk chair or on your bed.

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9. Do not bring a large speaker. A Bluetooth radio/alarm clock speaker works so much better.

There are quiet hours in most of the dorms, but during those times you might realize that you want to listen to music. Do not bring a large speaker that might put you at risk of violating quiet hours. Have a small Bluetooth speaker on hand that might put you at a less risk of violating quiet hours, or just use headphones.


10. Thumbtacks are not needed. Command hooks are saviors.

Thumb tacks put holes in walls and at the end of the year, you need to fix those yourself or risk being charged for those holes. They’re not a smart thing to bring to ESU. Command hooks make hanging so much easier now, and don’t leave any kind of a mess on the walls at the end of the year.

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11. Large pets are not allowed, but fish are.

Large pets (sorry, dog lovers!) are not allowed in your dorm room (unless you have a medical reason to have one). If you really want a pet to bring to ESU, though, you can always have a fish. I can’t guarantee they’ll live very long, but it’s worth a try!


12. Instead of a dish drying rack, bring a dish drying mat.

Dish drying racks tend to stay wet after being used and grow mold pretty easily. Dish drying mats can be left out to air dry, and when they start to smell, they can be placed right into the washer.

13. You do not need water shoes for the shower. Flip flops work just as well.

In traditional dorms, you will have shared bathrooms. You do not need to bring water shoes that you would wear to the pool to shower. You can bring flip flops, which dry and will not collect water as much as water shoes will; and you can slip them on and off easily when you get back to your room.

14. Little rugs are not needed. If you need a rug, bring a large rug.

Do not bring a little rug that does not cover much area. If you want a rug in your room, bring a large rug that will cover the whole floor. I do suggest it. Those floors are pretty uncomfortable just to walk on.


15. Do not bring a space heater. Always have extra blankets.

Space heaters are honestly unnecessary to bring to ESU. When the winter comes around, the dorms have the heat on blast normally, and you will probably find yourself still using a fan. If you happen to get cold, throw a blanket on.

Have anything to add to the list of what you should and should NOT bring to ESU? Comment below!

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