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How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

When I walked into my dorm room for the first time my freshman year of college, I wasn’t expecting much, and didn’t even care! I was too excited about college to worry about my less than glamorous living conditions for the upcoming year. However, when I saw the bunker-style cement block walls and clunky faux wooden dresser, I knew that my room was going to need a makeover ASAP.

The one amazing thing about my dorm was the hurricane shutters, and the sunshine that rarely shed through them. Going to school in Miami meant heat year-round heat and the unpredictability of mother nature. Naps were dangerous seeing as the middle of the day appeared like the middle of the night.

What I learned: Don’t go through an entire semester procrastinating decorating your dorm! Make it homey and comfortable, and you’ll see how much more you’ll enjoy living there.

1) Choose a great comforter: Dorms are so small that they really can’t hold much more than a couple beds. Since the surface area of your bed compared to your room will make it an automatic centerpiece, make it really stand out! Shop for brights, fun prints, or whatever else appeals to you.

How to brighten a drab dorm room Dunes Tie Dye Quilt + Sham

How to brighten a drab dorm room Sunrise Garden Quilt + Sham

 How to brighten a drab dorm room Magical Thinking Mountain Medallion Duvet Cover

How to brighten a drab dorm room Sweet Dreams

2) Decorate according to theme: Whether your dorm room walls are grey cinder block, white cement, or another dreary background, they can easily be jazzed up according to your tastes and inclinations. If the cozy feel of a lived-in bohemian spot appeals to you, then look into getting a cool tapestry to drape off your wall. You can prop up sticks of incense in a cool vase (most dorms don’t allow real candles anyways) on your dresser, and arrange some mixed print throw pillows on your bed. If a glam style calls out to you more, add some long mirrors and black and white prints to your wall. Cheap mirrors and frames can be found at Target. A white faux fur throw blanket, minimalist lamp, and light-up vanity mirror are also great dorm decor options to fit the theme. If you want your dorm to reflect your school spirit, you could coordinate your bedding and dorm decor with your college’s colors, mascot, and symbols. Your campus bookstore should carry posters and other accessories.

How to brighten a drab dorm room boho

How to brighten a drab dorm room ceiling decor

How to brighten a drab dorm room pics

How to brighten a drab dorm room PINK

3) Do It Yourself projects: From hanging up photos on a clothesline with wooden clothespins to creating art on canvas, there are so many easy projects to make your dorm really one of a kind. You may be no Picasso, but you can work on simple projects like spray painting a couple bricks (in gold, or your favorite color) to use as bookends, or tie your curtains with a big bow, ribbon, or a cool tie of your choice.

How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

4) Organization that doubles as decor: Dorm rooms are a tight space, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stack up ugly containers to hold your things. Organization can be both functional and aesthetic, you just have to find a happy medium. Line your standard plastic storage drawers with decorative paper. There are so many to choose from, metallics match everything, and you can even alternate box colors to match your comforter and the surrounding theme of your room. Use small tension rods to the make the most of cramped spaces like a corner of your room, and hang colorful scarves, headbands, belts and other accessories. Don’t throw your jewelry in a drawer or on your desk, get a cute organizer or make your own! An easy DIY project is tacking your necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and more onto a bullion board.

How to brighten a drab dorm room - hang scarfs How to brighten a drab dorm room decorate storage

5) Add fun extras: From chandeliers to canopies to rugs that add a pop of color- there are so many ways to transform a lackluster box that it your dorm room into an inviting place to live. You can drab a sheer pretty fabric over the doorway, or hang a beaded curtain over your closet. Even dorm appliances can be dressed up, bedazzle your mini fridge with shimmer, magnets, and photos!

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How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room


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How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room


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