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Bright And Vibrant Colors Will Be Everywhere This Spring And We’re So Into It

Bright And Vibrant Colors Will Be Everywhere This Spring And We’re So Into It

Vibrant colors are about to be the biggest trend this upcoming Spring. Now is the time to start shopping for colorful pieces that will help you step up your Spring looks. The best thing is that you can incorporate this trend in many ways. Even if you’re someone who likes to stick to neutral colors, there are subtle ways to incorporate more color into your look, which will help you stay on trend. This list is full of ways to help you figure out to use more vibrant colors next Spring.

1. Colorful Nails

Your nail color is the perfect way to display vibrant colors without it being too much. Bright nail colors are sure to be a huge hit in the Spring. You can choose between hot pinks, yellows, purples, blues or whatever other colors you like. Choosing neon colors is also a great way to make your polish stand out even more. I recommend having gel nail polish applied when you get your nails done. This will help your nail color stay intact for up to two weeks. If you’re choosing vibrant colors for your nails, you’ll want to make sure they don’t chip because the bright colors will make any flaws more noticeable.

2. Bright Purses

Picking a fun purse in a bright color is also a great way to help you transition your outfits from Winter to Spring. Purses are a great accessory and you can really just never have too many. Picking out a bright one that is only for certain looks will be a great accessory to have in your collection. It’s a great option to have when you want a break from your other everyday bags. Since it is something you might not get a ton of use out of, I would recommend finding an inexpensive option. Stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Target are great places to look for purses. If you find that you get a lot of use out of this item, then you can look for a designer purse option in a fun color.


3. Eyeshadow Colors

Spring is also the perfect time to experiment with bright eyeshadow colors. These colorful looks might not be suitable for Fall or Winter, so the new season is a great excuse to break out those eyeshadow colors you’ve been waiting to use. It can also be the perfect reason to go to Sephora and pick up a new colorful palette. Some great options are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 3 or the Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eyeshadow Palette. The Anastasia palette is the perfect option if you want a bunch of vibrant colors to choose from. Or, the Too Faced palette has a great mix of neutral colors and brighter colors to experiment with as well.

4.  Bright Sunglasses

This is another great accessory that you can find while on a budget. Sunglasses are always trendy, but are especially necessary when the weather gets hotter and sunnier. Lately, smaller sunglasses have been all the rage. We can thank Rihanna for always wearing these fashionable types of glasses and starting the trend. In order to incorporate vibrant colors, look for sunglasses with frames that come in fun colors. There are plenty of online stores that have plenty of options. Once again, Forever 21 is a great place to look for any trendy pieces that won’t break the bank.

5. Statement Shoes

Shoes are another way that you can include more color into your outfits. Spring is the perfect time to buy some new shoes that will add a pop of color to casual looks. You can pick any style of shoe that you like. If you’re into sneakers, try checking Vans or Converse. It’s fun to buy a regular style of shoe, but make it more fashionable by choosing a bright and fun color. This is a great option for girls who don’t feel comfortable wearing too much color on a daily basis. You can easily wear a plain white T-shirt, jeans and then pair it with a pair of Vans in a fun pink or red color. This adds a lot to your outfit and all it takes is a new pair of shoes.

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6. Bright Lip Colors

This is another way to use your makeup look to stay on trend this Spring. Vibrant lip colors are a fun look that are perfect for nights out or special occasions. Or, if you’re more daring, you can just wear these bright colors on a daily basis. The best part is you can find great, bright lip options at the drugstore. Brands like Covergirl, Maybelline and NYX all have a huge variety of lip products in various colors. This also allows you to choose between lipstick, lip gloss, matte or shimmery colors. Since it is a drugstore product, you can also pick up several colors to find the one that works best for you.

7. Colorful Bathing Suits

With Spring comes warmer weather, which is perfect for beach trips and swimming. These activities call for new bathing suits as well. Swimsuits are the perfect opportunity to buy brighter colors that you might not buy other clothing items in. Websites like Zaful have tons of cheap, colorful and cute bathing suits. The best part is that the majority of them are under $20. This cheap price point allows you to buy several inexpensive suits that you can choose from all Spring and Summer long.


Vibrant colors are going to be a huge trend for this upcoming Spring, so now is the time to start getting excited. There are tons of ways to incorporate this fun trend into your own looks. No matter how colorful you dress currently, this is the perfect opportunity to step it up a notch. You can find pieces that will fit this trend perfectly all while staying on a budget and still finding pieces that you actually like. If you have any other ways to include vibrant colors in your life for Spring, comment them down below!

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