10 Bridal Party Gifts You’ll Want To Know About

Bridal party gifts are a fun way to thank your closest friends for taking time out of their schedules in order to share special times with you. Friends working together to help organise your wedding is no easy feat. This list may serve as inspiration for bridal party gifts that are sure to be appreciated:

*10 Bridal Party Gifts You’ll Want To Know About

1. Massages

Get your friends some massage vouchers from your favourite spa or masseuse. Not only are massages wonderful treats but they are also good for managing stress and for physical discomforts.

2. Subscriptions

Wine, fresh produce, books, or gourmet gift baskets are all great things to find at your doorstep once a month. These bridal party gifts will help your friends have a great couple of months staying in after all the time they spent out and about for your wedding.

3. Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

These fancy hairbrushes come in different sizes and varying price ranges. Since it is a luxurious gift that will be used daily and last for many years, your friends won’t mind that it is just one item.

4. Memberships

This gift will create a common space for your bridal party to occasional meet ups after the wedding is over. Gyms (make sure they have a steam room!), yoga studios, art galleries, or Costco are all great options. Just make sure that they have a spot where you can all get together and catch up.

5. Travel Bags

Backpacks, duffle bags, suitcases are some bridal party gifts that can be matching in a subtle way. If you choose a good model, these are bound to be useful for years to come. To make it even more personalised, get a different keychain to go with bag for each of your friends.

6. Engraved Jewellery

Whether it be crystal pendants, wooden beads, glowing amber, or iconic branded necklaces, jewellery has a way of reminding the wearer of the special memories. So if you would like to give a gift that will last for years, jewellery is a good bet.

7. Dining Vouchers

Whether you choose to get vouchers for your bridal party to use together or for each member to go individually, dining vouchers are a gift that is sure to be consumed and not wasted. Choose somewhere extra special; even if it is just for tea. The environment and the food will be more memorable than the size of the meal.

*10 Bridal Party Gifts You’ll Want To Know About

8. Personalized Scents

Instead of getting your friends their favourite department store perfumes, explore the essential oil world and get them their scents a more natural form. Take them to a nice aromatherapy shop and have them pick out the scents that speak to them most. Prepare a gift box with essential oil diffusers, spray bottles, carrier oils, and diffuser jewellery so that they fill their lives with calming scents.

9. Headphones and Speakers

This bridal party gift only works if your friends don’t already have great audio equipment. Music is a great way to brighten one’s day so why not give the gift of convenient headphones or booming speakers? Best of all, everyone can customise their gifts by playing their favourite music on it.

10. Group Getaway

Whether you and your friends are into yoga, shopping, food, or skiing, getaways come at many price ranges and will be a great way for you to get away from the wedding stress.

10 Bridal Party Gifts You'll Want To Know About

These bridal party gifts can be adjusted to your budget and no matter what your price point is, these gifts are sure to be appreciated. The consumable gifts will create memories while the material gifts will keep giving for years to come. I hope these options have given you some inspiration for your fun gift-giving mission.

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