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Top 5 Breweries To Check Out In Seattle

Top 5 Breweries To Check Out In Seattle

Top 5 Breweries To Check Out In Seattle

Looking for a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon? Grab a pint at one of these local Seattle breweries and let your troubles fade away. Seattle may be known for seafood, but it is also home to amazing breweries. Whether you’re a fan of IPA’s or you’re a domestic drinker, there is something at one of these Seattle breweries for everyone to enjoy. Come and experience taprooms, interesting new flavors and learn all about the local beer market in Seattle.  Just remember to always drink responsibly and have a plan to get home after your tour.  

1. Cloudburst Brewing

Tasting rooms and breweries are the best place to try out these breweries beer, however if you’re unable to get to an actual brewery during your stay don’t worry. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that serve these breweries finest beers. You can find Cloudburst beers all across Seattle, Art of the Table in Fremont, Athenian at Pike Place Market, and Ba Bar in Cap Hill. But, if you’re looking for a more of a hands-on experience then check out the tasting rooms at the main brewery. This way you won’t just get to try the beer, you’ll also be able to learn about the brewing process, ask questions and get some history on this Seattle establishment. Open Wednesday-Thursday 2pm – 1o pm and Friday-Sunday 12pm- 10 pm. You can stop by taste their latest selections of beers and learn more about the brewing company. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a growler full of their best brew. Just remember you can’t take liquids on a plane. 

Breweries and hot Seattle days were made for each other! Next time you're in town check out these 5 local breweries.

2. Stoup Brewing

I didn’t pay attention to chemistry or biology while in Highschool, I didn’t think I would need it. Turns out science and making great beer is somehow related, perhaps I should have opened that textbook at least once. Get your geek on at Stoup Brewing. Created by two scientists, Brad Benson and Lara Zahaba, Stoup Brewing focuses on creating the best-tasting beer in Seattle. You can find their tasty drinks at their food truck, Don Luchos every day from 1- 6 pm, or you can visit the tap room that is open from 12 pm – 9 pm. Come and enjoy the hard work that is put into every single beer they brew. This brewery is serious about making your taste buds tingle. 

Breweries and hot Seattle days were made for each other! Next time you're in town check out these 5 local breweries.

3. Georgetown Brewing Co

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to quit their day job so that they can drink beer all day long? In a non-depressing kind of way. Basically, I’m asking if you have a dream job, that isn’t your current job.  Because that is what Georgetown brewing Co is all about. Georgetown Brewing Co was a dream of two insurance adjusters who quit their day job to pursue their love of beer. Years later this brewery is still upholding that tradition. Nothing fancy, no tricks or fluff just good beer. Caution, drinking at Georgetown Brewing may cause you to fantasize how cool it would be to own a brewery, because yeah it would be really cool. Check out their tasty rooms on Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

Breweries and hot Seattle days were made for each other! Next time you're in town check out these 5 local breweries.

4. Optimism Brewing Company

Put a smile on your face and make the world a better beer should be the motto of this Seattle brewery. Optimism Brewing Company was opened by wife and husband Troy Hakala and Gay Gilmore in 2013. Wanting to focus solely on making the best beer possible Optimism Brewing Company doesn’t serve food at their tasting rooms.  Optimism serves great beer, has fun merchandise and fun games for kids and adults. If you are looking to have a snack with your food, Optimism is located next to Dominos, Garlic Crush and other great fast food options that you’re more than welcomed to bring into the bar. Kids are also welcomed at Optimism as they have a fun play place for them located in the back. Adults can also enjoy the board games and trivia nights hosted by the bar. Your glass is always half full at Optimism.

Top 5 Breweries To Check Out In Seattle

5. Rooftop Brewing Company

Take a break from touring taprooms to enjoy the ambiance of Seattle’s Rooftop Brewing Company. With beers ranging from IPA’s to Pilsners, there is something for every beer lover to try. Rooftop brewing is a great spot to grab a drink with friends. The casual setting and great beer offer the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. Even if you pulled the short straw and have to drive, the Rooftop Brewing Company has a great selection of food trucks, so if you’re the designated driver you will also have something to enjoy. Check out their website to get the food truck schedule so that you can plan your visit around what you’re going to snack on. Perhaps you can even do a pairing of each beer to a different food truck. I for one would love if you did that, maybe write it down and send it my way. Check this place out at 1220 W Nickerson St Seattle. 

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Breweries and hot Seattle days were made for each other! Next time you're in town check out these 5 local breweries.


Seattle is a great place to visit, live or even just stop by while on a fun road trip. Whether you’re coming to the Emerald City for a short vacation or you live in the area there is always great attractions waiting for you. Seattle has something for everyone to love, food, fun and especially beer. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the beer industry in Seattle or simply just want to have a fun Sunday sipping on interesting beers, then try out these five local breweries in the Seattle neighborhood. You may even pick up a few tips and tricks of the trade. Perhaps, you will feel inspired to open your own brewery. How hard could it possibly be, right? Maybe you should just stick to tasting the beer and leave the brewing to the masters…for now. 

Where is your favorite place to grab a beer in Seattle? Comment below!

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