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10 Breweries Every Beer Love Needs To Try

10 Breweries Every Beer Love Needs To Try

Do you want to find a new brewery to try this summer? Are you tired of having the same old, unappealing, tasteless beer? Summer is fast approaching, it will be here before you know it, and you’re going to want a cold one on a warm Summer’s day. Here are ten breweries, not in any particular order, that every beer lover needs to know.

 1. Strike Brewing

Located in San Jose, California, this brewery produces high-quality, consistent, and innovative craft beer to the many people of Silicon Valley. Strike Brewing has everything for the craft beer lover in your life. From Pale Ales, IPA’s, Hazy IPA’s, and Lagers, this brewery promotes the community around them, along with maintaining pandemic protocols. Strike opened its doors in July of 2014 and is still going strong in 2021. Strike Brewing has won several awards, both local and national, and has worked along with many different breweries, community grounds, and can their beers can be found in many stores and taprooms all around the Bay Area. If you are down in the south bay area, check out Strike Brewing!


2. Barebottle Brewing Company 

The story of Barebottle Brewing Company, founded by three former college classmates at the Cornell Business School in Ithaca, New York, is an encouraging story that all young entrepreneurs should look to for guidance. Barebottle has been leading the way for breweries from coast to coast. They moved to the Bay Area, California, from Ithaca, New York, in 2007, but they never lost a beat. While other breweries have struggled in this pandemic, Barebottle Brewing Company has stood tall with family values and help within the community. Other breweries in the San Francisco Bay Area look up to Barebottle when it comes to using local ingredients, coming together with the community, and making a positive impact while crafting unique, delicious craft beer. Not only do they specialize in craft beer, great food, but they delve into the wine, coffee, and soda avenues as well.

3. Ballast Point 

Ballast Point, devoted to the craft, is dedicated to the love of beer. In the late 90’s, 1996, a small group of home-brewers from San Diego yearned to make a better beer for the people of San Diego. Unlike most breweries, Ballast Point became obsessed with local ingredients, multiple taste tests, and experimenting with different and unique shops to find the right balance of aroma and taste for their product. Their award-winning Sculpin IPA, Indiana Pale Ale, has been a staple in the wine, spirits, and beer community since the year 2000. Breweries all across the globe know the Ballast Point name. The Ballast Point labs solely focus on yeast, fermentation, propagation, shelf life, and freshness. If you are new to the beer community or a long-time veteran and are in the San Diego County, look no further than Ballast Point for your beer needs.


4. Russian River Brewing Company

Deep in the heart of Sonoma County, among the towering redwoods, stands Russian River Brewing Company. Founded in the late ’90s, 1997, by Korbel Champagne Cellars, a small dream became a reality. Unexpectedly, a few years later, Korberl wanted to get out of the industry and handed down the business to their lead Brewer, Vinnie Cilurzo. He had the vision to point the company in the direction of Craft Beer. Russian River Brewery, known for the world-famous Pliny recipe, Pliny The Younger, produces many other products like Ales, Lagers, Belgian Inspired Beers, and Barrel-Aged products. Pliny the younger, a seasonal IPA, is highly demanded that the product only is sold online and sells out within minutes of going on sale. Russian River has multiple locations, a brewpub in Santa Rosa, California, and a Windsor Brewery. Unlike many organizations trying to navigate life during a pandemic, Russian River Brewery has not been phased during this pandemic when it comes to sales. This brewery has been striving and thriving to get its highly demanded products out to the masses.


5. Promised Land Brewing Company

If you are looking for unique craft beer, a family-friendly environment, look no further than Promised Land Brewing Company in Gilroy, California. Unlike most breweries and tap houses, Promised Land Brewery wants to keep your glass full, your fridge stocked, all while trying to entertain the masses of the greater Santa Clara County. Promised Land loves to keep it light and fun. Their motto is very witty, give them beer and circuses, and they shall never revolt. Promised Land offers delicious beers, some bitter and some juicy, along with lager’s, stout’s, and kettle sour’s. Promised Land is open for pick up, outdoor dining, and delivery during this pandemic. If you’re ever in or by the city of garlic, swing on by Promised Land and enjoy the great beer, good food, and great laughs.

6. FieldWork Brewing

This new and upcoming brewery, founded in 2014, is a young company that brings a heavy and experienced punch to your taste buds. Fieldwork Brewing Company, specializing in craft beer, is located in the northern California region. Their headquarters, located in Berkeley, California, is one of many locations you can get their well-known product. If you’re new to the beer community, a seasoned veteran, or looking for new, fresh, unique hops, Fieldwork is the place for you. Fieldwork loves their community, loves bringing people together through craft beer, and loves to get involved with their community as well. If you love beer, craft beers especially, are in northern California, you need to stop by Fieldwork Brewing Company.


7. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

There are not many better feelings in the world than hanging out with your friends at the beach, on a warm summer’s day, having a cold alcoholic beverage. If you love beer, the beach, and good times, then you’ll love Sante Adairius Rustic Ales. Founded on respect for quality and authenticity, Sante Adarius focuses on properly made beers with character and simplicity. Unlike other breweries, Sante Adairius beers are barrel-aged, typically in wine barrels, including some yeast and good healthy bacteria. The people at Santa Adairius believe great tasting beer always comes first. They love to bring people together by looking to contribute to the Santa Cruz community in any way possible. If you are ever in the city of Santa Cruz, California, check out Sante Adairius Rustic Ales for great beer, great waves, and good times.

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8 Almanac Beer Co.

This brewery, located in Alameda, California, has a simplistic approach to the art of brewing beer. Almanac Beer Company refers to the well-known Farmers Almanac, a seasonal reference that many farmers have been referring to since 1818. Almanac’s motto, Farm to Barrel, is used to mirror and show their passion for coming up with bold and properly sustainable beer. Founded by two friends in 2011, who were avid home-brewers, joined forces over their love of farmers markets in California. Alamanac, who first started with Belgian-style golden Ales, has expanded to craft beers, pilsners, Indiana pale ales, west coast India pale ales, Hazy Indiana Pale Ales. Almanac is a staple in the beer community in the northern California area.


9. Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

This San Francisco-based brewery, Cellarmaker Brewing Company, prides itself on sustaining and producing a small variety of unique experimental beers. Cellarmaker loves to keep the people of California taste buds guessing with every new creation. Unlike many breweries, Cellarmaker does not want to make the same three to four beers to produce to the masses. Located in multiple taprooms across the Bay Area, roughly 25, Cellarmaker is a well-known name in the beer community. They have a variety of options for the beer lover in your life, ranging from juicy and aromatic hoppy beers, no bitter beers, along with a few dark and roasted recipes as well. Cellarmaker has every type of hop and taster for the beer lover in your life. If you want great tasting beer at an affordable price, then Cellarmakrer is the brewery for you!

10. Alvarado Street Brewery 

Alvarado Street Brewery, founded by a father-son duo in March of 2014, has been a staple in the beer community. Located in downtown Monterey, Alvarado Street has been expanding quickly over the past couple of years. Due to their success, they have built an R&D pilot brewery and a Bistro in Carmel-by-the-Sea, better known by locals as the Stro. Alvarado Street looks to dabble into a little bit of everything regarding brewing beer, some food, but yet they are well known for being innovative by brewing hop focuses ales that will consist of hazy and West Coast Indiana Pale Ales. Like most breweries, Alvarado street puts the community first. They know producing beer is a common aspect that brings people of all different lifestyles together. Alvarado Street welcomes anyone and everyone to their establishment, following pandemic protocols, to experience their great beer in a family-friendly environment.


Are you going to try any of these brewery recommendations? Do you have any other breweries people should know about and try? Tell us in the comments below! Cheers! 

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