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10 Breathtaking Rooftop Views In Chicago

10 Breathtaking Rooftop Views In Chicago

Chicago is a city filled to the brim with so many different things to do! Here are some of our favorite things to do in Chicago right now!

The rooftop views in Chicago are really something to die for. Chicago gives you a good variation of weather that is quite unique. Summers in Chicago are not like anywhere else because of the vibrant colors in the summer, the pure white snowy in the winter and the flowers in the spring. The city of Chicago has a life of its own that is filled by the many interesting people that inhabit it. The best thing about the passing seasons are the changing of nature. One should truly learn to admire and appreciate warm weather when it does come. And we want to be able to see everything that Chicago has to offer along with the many magnificent skyscrapers, it would be a waste if you do not ever see the city lights at night.

Rooftop bars are the world’s best invention because of the beauty it lets us see. The first time I went to a rooftop bar was a really beautiful memory. There is something interactive about rooftop bars because the roof offers you an opportunity to chat with new people. It is a perfect environment to expand your social circle. And what a better topic to talk about than a beautiful view.

When deciding on which rooftop bar to visit it really depends on you and your friends’ taste and interests. If you want to go for something that gives you a fancy or uppity vibe there are specific places you can go for that. Or if you want something more laid back that more about meeting people that admire the bar than there are also bars like that.


If you ever find yourself in Chicago please do yourself the favor of visiting these fun and beautiful rooftop bars which are the following:

1. Cindy’s

If you are new to the city and do not really have a clear idea of what downtown Chicago than Cindy’s is the perfect stop for you. Cindy’s allows you to have a front row view of Chicago’s most iconic statue “The Big Bean.” You will also get to see all of Millennium Park which is a very significant part of the city because it is where our annual events take place like “Summer in the City” or our Christmas lighting. Cindy’s is slightly more expensive than most bars downtown but it for a good reason. It has a beautiful set up that is both elegant and welcoming. Most people dress in inform or business casual-like clothing but it is also a place to go with friends to enjoy a good time.

2. Celeste

Celeste is a chic bar that is relatively affordable. The inside of this bar is very minimalist and simple which makes it the perfect place for meeting new people. The outside and inside of Celeste has plenty of plants which is a very environmentally conscious thing to do. The tables and chairs are very elegant made in a victorian style. Celeste is the perfect place to visit in the spring time I would say but it is really up to you to decide.


3. London House Chicago

London House Chicago is known to be the perfect place to host special events. The inside and outside of the “London House Chicago” is absolutely gorgeous and it worth going.

4. Boleo

If you would like to get a taste of culture that “Boleo” is the perfect place for you. This Argentinian-based restaurant will not only give you a great view but you can also enjoy some delicious Argentinian food.

5. Joy District

A perfect get together spot for friends. “Joy District” is the best location to enjoy trending music and get a good vibe of the dance club scene in Chicago.


6. Cerise Rooftop

If you are in the mood for something hip and laid back then Cerise is the perfect stop for you. You will be able enjoy a DJ and a floor to dance with your friends.

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7.  The J. Parker

If you are looking for a rooftop bar that is located in an interesting part of the city the “The J. Parker” is the perfect place for that. “The J. Parker” is simply a perfect spot to get together with friends to enjoy a good time.


8. Noyane

This is a chic Japanese rooftop bar will give you an abundant of Japanese drinks and delicious dishes to enjoy during the spring or summer. It is a refreshing to have a little bit of Japan in Chicago.

9. Drumbar

Drumbar is one of those more formal and classier rooftop bar. This would be a perfect spot to meet with you coworkers or for an interview. The rooftop for “Drumbar” is perfect location for spring weather because of the picnic-like setting.

10. Aba

“Aba” is the place to go if you are in search of Mediterranean food. “Aba’s” rooftop is the perfect spot to lay back and enjoy the sun. This rooftop also has a front porch feeling to it, that makes it ideal for relaxing.


Rooftop views in Chicago are quite a beauty to experience in person both for the view and the social scene. Let us know which of these rooftop bars was your favorite!

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