15 Breathable Face Masks For Summer

It is the time of the masks right now as people are trying to protect themselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. With that in mind, we must begin finding breathable face masks to match our outfits for day-to-day living as well as when we want to go out. Even a work mask that is professional yet cute to wear to your job and school.

So, don’t freak out if you can’t figure out what kind of masks to get, I have a list here that will go over the essentials face coverings you should have for any occasion until this virus chaos is over. Hopefully, that will be soon. But if not, you will be well equipped with these fifteen breathable face masks that are cute and keeping you safe.

1. Plaid Face Scarf

If you are not into the whole mask thing, go for a breathable face scarf covering. This plaid scarf covering will let in a little more air than a mask and the plaid itself can be matched with many different outfits.


If you plan on going out to have some fun with friends, bling the scarf covering up a bit with a chain like in the photo, or even some fun pins! You will be getting mega compliments for this badass face covering.

2. Polka-dot

The polka-dot is a safe option for when you need something more professional but is also super cute to match what you are wearing. If you plan to make this breathable face mask yourself, don’t hesitate to use a denim material, as I have read denim is a great one to use for this situation. You could paint different polka-dot colors on it, or find a denim material that already has the polka-dots. I know there are some out there.

3. Plaid Mask

This time, it is a plaid face mask. This one adds a bit more color to your outfit and would be a perfect face mask to bring out in the fall. Of course, I am hoping this won’t last that long, but if it does, you’ll have the perfect face mask to wear all fall long.


Pair this mask with some larger earrings and use a brown or orange tint for eyeshadow. This mask would go great with a nice pair of holey jeans and some tall boots. Maybe even a cowboy hat if you are really feeling it!

4. Cheetah Print

Everyone’s got to have a little cheetah print in their closet. Why not make it the breathable face mask? If you plan to DIY this mask, maybe try out a material that is soft on the outside just to give the mask that added effect. Wear a cute leather jacket or boots to match the fierceness of this mask!

5. Date Worthy Mask

This is one of the best breathable face masks to have for when you go out for that next date. It has got a nice color, the sleekness with the satin material, and a little bling with the bee. Match it with that nice black dress you’ve been saying. Do your hair up and wear minimal jewelry. You don’t want to take too much attention away from this lovely focus piece.


6. #Kiss

This breathable face mask features the one thing we seriously shouldn’t do. Kiss! This cute and flirty face mask will get a lot of comments, and probably some laughs. If you are someone who loves to wear red lipstick, then you definitely need to buy this mask. It sucks we can’t show off our cute lip shades anymore, but this mask will do just that for you!

7. Butterflies

A butterfly mask is just what we all need right now. Many cultures believe the butterfly represents endurance, change, hope, and life. All things we desperately need right now in these hard times. Maybe by wearing this mask, you can show yourself and others that holding on just a bit longer and having hope will get us all through this stressful time.

8. Roses

You can’t go wrong with roses. This mask has a beautiful pattern that would be great to wear on a date as it will highlight your own beauty. Match this mask with a calming earthy green dress or shirt and some red jewelry. It will nicely tie the whole outfit together as it has both colors within the mask. Wear it out for when you visit a rose garden this summer or an after breakfast walk with your boo.

9. Daisy

If you feel like going with some 60’s fashion, go with the single daisy face mask. The great thing about this breathable face mask is it is very versatile. It will go with just about anything! If you want to add some more to the mask, tie-dye it or just paint it and make it even more eye-catching. It would be perfect for a day out soaking up the sun with some friends.

10. Forest Leaves

The blues and greens of this breathable face mask are so calming and leaves are very popular right now with clothing material and decor. This is a great mask to wear when going outside. Wear it on your next hike through the trees with a group of your friends or out on the water to go fishing.

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11. Floral

One of my favorites out of the breathable face masks is the floral ones. I love flowers, and I think they make a great pattern for the masks. They can come in many different colors so you can match them with a lot of outfits. Pair it with a flower necklace or earrings to bring it all together. This pink floral mask brings together flowers and stripes making it a great mask to wear out with friends or even on a fun date to maybe a garden!

12. Stripes

Stripes are another great professional face mask as it is not distracting and you can wear pretty much anything and it will go together, maybe just not other stripes. If you make this a DIY mask as well, you could also find striped denim material to use and it would work great! If you don’t want denim, there are many other striped materials out there with lots of different colors to choose from.

13. Not Today

This “Not Today” mask is just one of the best breathable face masks for the world today. It covers all the right places on your face and will keep the crazy people you don’t want to deal with away. But, it will also get many people laughing and that is what everyone needs right about now.

14. Cherry Blossom Tree

If you need a breathable face mask for your work, then this grey cherry blossom tree mask is perfect! It is professional looking yet very cute and can match with any of your outfits. Wear some red jewelry to make the mask stand out a bit.

15. Leather

Rock a leather face mask. It would seem like they get very hot, but the softer material on the insides of the masks will make it not so hard to breathe. Buy both silver and gold leather masks to match pretty much anything your closet. It can also count as some nice bling and you won’t have to wear much jewelry if you don’t want to.

Look no further for a cute breathable face mask! These masks will get you many compliments and keep you safe and healthy. Which face mask would you wear? Comment down below.

Feature Photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/5yP83RhaFGA

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