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20 Breathable DIY Face Masks That Are Cute AF

20 Breathable DIY Face Masks That Are Cute AF

As much as it really sucks, masks are going to be apart of our daily life for a while unless we are able to figure out more information on COVID-19. Though they can be annoying and flimsy and hard to keep track of, they save lives and keep us healthy.

With that in mind, we don’t have to wear the same boring disposable masks every day. In fact, we shouldn’t be buying the disposable masks unless you don’t go out much and it is the only option for you. Face masks can actually be super cute and can go with a bunch of our outfits. The best way to do this is to make your own DIY face masks.

If you need some inspiration, I got you! I have found twenty breathable and super cute DIY face masks that you can wear for any occasion. Some of them are technically store-bought masks, however, I will discuss the kind of accessories and embellishments you can put on them to make them look so much better.


1. The Satin Mask

Like most of these DIY face masks on this list, the main activity in making them is going out and finding the material that speaks to you. A satin mask is really interesting as it does not seem to be the kind of material for a mask, but it works so well.

This is definitely a material to use when making a mask for special occasions whether that means going out for a lovely walk in the park as a date, or maybe FaceTiming with family members for a birthday. Whatever the occasion, this DIY face mask is worth having in your dresser just in case.

2. Polka Dots

Polka dots are a classic pattern for DIY face masks. They are super versatile and can be worn by anyone. Polka dots are so simple, but there are so many different kinds of material out there that allow polka dots to have some uniqueness within themselves. This pattern is perfect for your day-to-day errands and just out and about.


3. When In Doubt Bling It Out

Don’t settle for a plain and boring face mask! Make your DIY face masks pop with little embellishments that will get people asking where you got your mask. You can never go wrong with blinging out your face masks like in the photo below. Get a neutral or plain colored material, make your mask, and then find some sparklies to make it pretty. You will love it I promise!

4. Daisies

If you are a fan of embroidering, well I suggest these DIY face masks that have embroidered daisies on them. You can switch up the base color of the mask and choose which kind of flowers you want, but the daisies are super cute. I think it would look so good if there were white daisies on a yellow mask! Perfect for the summertime.

5. Scarf Face Covering

I think scarf face coverings are super cute. And I am sure they are pretty easy to make yourself. Go find yourself a scarf and cut it down to the perfect size. Then sew the sides together but leave a little space so that you can sew in the elastic straps. These face coverings work well with outfits because they are already scarves that you would normally wear with an outfit anyway.


6. No-Sew Face Mask

DIY face masks are great because you could have leftover clothing that you might not wear anymore that could work as the material for your masks. This DIY face mask is actually a no-sew face mask. It looks to be made out of nylon material and then the ear holes are just cut out of the material itself. Not a hassle to make and is still protective.

7. A pattern of Your Choice

DIY face masks are all about finding the perfect material that works with your skin but also a material you love. It is actually super fun going to Joanne’s Fabric or Micheals and picking out fabric. I love to watch the people when they cut the fabric on the counter. I don’t know why it is just very pleasing.

8. Tie-Dye

I love to tie-dye and getting to tie-dye your own DIY face mask would be such a fun project. Getting to pick out the pattern you want your mask to be in as well as the colors that will be on it. I would say just be careful because I am not sure if the tie-dye is safe to breathe in. You would just have to make sure and wash the mask a couple of times before wearing it.


9. Lacey Baby

There are going to be a lot of people that ask you if your laced mask has another layer to it because lace does not protect you from the virus. So, yes, if you plan on making lace DIY face masks, just make sure you pick out a nice fabric to go under it. These DIY face masks are super cute and go with so many different kinds of outfits.

10. The Bra Mask

Would you believe me if I said this mask was made out of a bra cup? Well, it is and it is becoming kind of popular when making DIY face masks. Just make sure if you do this that you wash your mask pretty well, although I don’t think bras are that dirty all of the time. You can use an already fancy and embellished bra, or you can embellish it yourself. What a fun project and they work great as masks!

11. Date Worthy

Everyone should have on date worthy mask and I definitely think this mask is date worthy. Buy some satin material to make your mask. Then buy some nice lace and sew it onto the mask to add that fancy look. This mask is perfect to wear out with your boo and I am sure you will get a lot of compliments on it.


12. Newspaper Mask

I am putting this DIY face mask into this list just because I really liked the material. The old newspaper look is a very cool and vintage look and gives your mask some character. I would totally match this mask with an outfit that has a lot of red together as the red contrasting with the black and white always looks so good.

13. DIY Art mask

Seeing these DIY face masks I thought what a cool idea it would be to paint your face masks. If you were to use fabric paint or markers, you could create such cool things on your face masks. Show off your art skills when you go out and who knows, maybe people will start asking you to make them their own custom masks.

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14. Small Embroidery

I don’t know how to embroider, but looking at these DIY face masks that are embroidered is really making me want to learn. But, if you know how to embroider, I strongly suggest embroidering your face masks. You will get so many compliments and you can tell people you did it yourself. A small embroidery goes a long way as well. This face mask is pretty basic and simple, but that small touch of pink around the edges is such a lovely touch.

15. Lavender Embroidery

I think this DIY face mask is my favorite. The lavender embroidery is so beautiful and well done. That is the great thing about these masks. Not only are they protecting you from this terrible virus, but they are also a really good project to work on while you are at home quarantining. A bunch of people I know has started making these kinds of masks and selling them giving them something to do while stuck at home.

16. Flower Embellishments

Yes, back to satin. But this time, we are going to add some flowers. These DIY face masks are perfect for a wedding or a very formal get together. The satin adds elegance to whatever outfit you wear while the flowers show a delicateness. They are super pretty as well! If you are really adventurous, have the whole thing decked out in flowers!


17. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Mask

This DIY face mask seems to be all over the place. The lemon fabric is super cute and lemons are actually growing very popular as a print in fashion. The bow adds a sweet effect to the mask, but I don’t know about those lemons at the end. They seem like they would weigh the mask down which would get pretty annoying. But the whole thing is really cute. The yellow and the black have a really nice contrast to each other that works well. This mask will for sure get a lot of attention.

18. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

These DIY face masks are literally the cutest thing. Not only is there an embroidered smiley face on them, but their noses are little music notes. The great thing about this embellishment is you can put it on literally any mask you want to customize them.

19. Animal Print Straps

DIY face masks aren’t all about just the covering, you also have to consider the kind of straps that are on them too. Most of the DIY face masks are made with elastic straps that make it easy to stretch over your ears. Well, if you want something a bit different, try the DIY face masks that have cloth or scarf material for straps.


Not only is the mask material super cute, but the animal print straps also make the face mask so much better. Like in the picture, tie the straps together in a bow to give the mask a little pop. Let the straps hang down by your shoulders to add to your outfit.

20. Double-Sided

DIY face masks are cool, but double-sided DIY face masks are even cooler. There are a plethora of instructions out there to make face masks and I am sure there is one out there for double-sided masks. Or, you could simply buy a double-sided material to make the face mask out of. Either way, make yourself one of these and never have to get another mask again. It is two in one!

DIY face masks make such a fun product and they always turn out pretty cute! Do you make your own face masks? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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